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You. Went on. Oh, my. Right. You. I do. No, I'm not. Not. Yes. Yes. me how I feel asked me now that we're cozy and cleaning. Well. From the moment, we kissed too. That's the way. I just gotta be. Hey bowl. Lamp light. Live music. Upbringing? Well, all I can say Rick. This. And if I were watching popping max. Bell like oh. As. From this lesson. Well, all I can say. Yes, I knew my morale would crack from Luanda way. Boy, if I were what God. Me. Ask me now that we're finally. Curve. Splash. If I were season, sure. Rebel? Gene. A little bit of church bells at the very end if I were a bell, Ella Fitzgerald songbook on WNYC fats Waller with spos- in the head of that. Joe Williams by the river Sainte Marie. But let's let's stay with Frank lesser for a moment. Because he now steps center stage for the eleven o'clock number to end them. All Frank less who sings his own sit down, you're rocking the boat. I dream last night. I got on the boat to have them and by some chance. I had brought my diet. So long story. But the passengers they knew right from wrong. All the people all said, sit down rocking, the boat people all said, Saddam, Saddam, the rocking the boat and the devil will drag you under by the stop lapel of your check checkered cold, Saddam, Saddam, Saddam, Saddam, Saddam. I say. On that little boat to heaven. Then by some chance smaller bottle in my best. Nicely. But the passengers were bound to. For the people all said, beware..

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