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They're energetic activism i was just telling them it's a little bit like the high schoolers who helped dr king desegregate birmingham in may of nineteen sixty three fifty five years ago the patient of the high school students that finally changed the equation in birmingham and in some view that is really the pivotal moment in the entire civil rights movement in this country and its students saying adults except adult responsibilities and don't hide from them and that's powerful when you hear it from high schoolers so tim kaine acquainted these kids to the kids in birmingham alabama who are getting their ass kicked by the police matter of fact didn't have to bring the troops diner to protect them this is absolutely i mean this is this is disgusting so now we've coopted the civil rights movement and again we can't let a good of a crisis here i mean this is a prime time this is a great opportunity you had net bernie sanders bernie sanders the people's champion he was there cut twenty country now john thank all of you for your courage leading in the right sanders the children love bernie sanders bernie bernie last but not least we had former speaker of the house nancy pelosi cut twenty one thank you to all of the montgomery county students for your courage to stand up speak out and walk out on proud to be here with ciano tape stand up speak up and walk out the former speaker of the house is commending the children for walking out of school congressional solidarity walkout what your eloquence and you're fearless insistence on action to prevent gun violence thank you for bringing your urgency to this fight to the doorstep of america the doorstep of the capital of the united states the congressional solidarity walkout is what she called it that's what she i guess congress walked out see i was in washington dc the last time they had a sit in when congress sat in for gun control what we're watching is absolutely amazing to me is this the new normal when does it stop that's my question for you we'll get to your answer.

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