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One eighty what what really spell anything and back here live in the skyline studios this is Anna the blood tests are coming up here with that Lou canalis on his way into the studio to talk about the Chicago Bears school yeah Hey how about that you know everyone right in the mall for dead at four and six and they've come storming back and they got themselves a chance that run the rest of it but you never know what I was saying you know I saw an ad hoc tweeted yesterday what I like to watch the bears game while I'm looking at Twitter just find it very Alphonse is everyone's comments gifs or whatever it might yeah it is great counties is that raise your hand if you you said we should bench Mitch Stravinsky and put in chase Daniel at any point during the season and I think a lot of us is bears fan did fall into the trap maybe not the cheese Daniel trap but certainly the I've lost faith in Mitch trap and maybe that changed yesterday and the game before yeah looks like there are some signs of real hope yeah I don't think it was wrong to think that I'm just glad at least without things went let's stick to the coaching staff didn't look AT is say what you will he's a young player takes time to develop sometimes and that's not fun for the fans stay here but that's the reality of things and I listen to are my favorite show after the game I am an OB and all my gosh I barely recognize them forward looking now is gonna be on WGN radio it is thirty six degrees now at here one thirty in the afternoon good afternoon I'm Stieber trend this news sponsored by Gail street in investigating still in Orland park after yesterday's hit and run first a look at the traffic.

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