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If you're hearing my voice that means you're in the right place my guest today. Chancellor jackson has a very significant story and he was courageous enough to share it with the world. I definitely think this is a message. A story that will resonate with many and will be something that people individually take something from it that they can probably identify with or not or maybe even answer some questions or some thoughts that they have had but for the simple fact that he decided to write a book and to talk about his experience. I commend that because we all have situations experiences that we don't even talk about. And i find it to be selfless when we do share them. Because so many people can relate or does learn from or conspire them to talk more and share what they've been through. So i would just like to say thank you chancellor and we want to welcome you right here and voices of courage because everybody. Let's give him the welcome that we always jail unless tune in a Everybody this is your host brandy. Jay voices of courage. I am back here a different platform but the same amazing guests tampered. Yes we're going at this again. Say hello beauty of but so we Have you spoken the.

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