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$40 H A S and Kentucky Ana's Morning news. I am Tony Cruise along with Eric Cantor she from ABC. Aaron. There's a lot Maura that come into view here when it comes to controversial GOP representative Marjorie Taylor, Greene and the House of Representatives, and apparently, at least Democrats have Looked at what century for Miss Green and maybe taking some committees. What's going on out well, if not centuries, certainly stripping her of committee assignments. The Democrats say that if Republicans are not going to police their own, which is usually how it works in Congress. That then they would step in and try to pass a resolution to strip her of committee assignments and that effectively neutralizes any sway she might have upon Capitol Hill. But interestingly, the Republicans had some added pressure on them. From the Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, the top Republican in the Senate. Says that what Marjorie Taylor Greene pushes her conspiracy theories and what he called loony lies. Represent a cancer on the Republican Party. And and it's a rare rebuke from a Senate leader to up to a member of the House, but but it was certainly notable for its content. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, you know, kind of brushed it off, saying the real cancer for Republicans is knowing how to lose gracefully. And so she's not, you know, bending whatever. So it looks like that the Republican House minority leader, uh, is going to what talk to her today. Perhaps Well, I think he said McCarthy. Yeah. Kevin McCarthy Supposed T O talk to her, but so far he's been reluctant to really do anything. And I think That you know, That's because she's claiming broad support from President Trump. And I think it shows just the sway that the former president holds over the Republican Party, which still hasn't quite figured out. Out. Oh, you know, maneuver without him. Andre says the other day that she had a great phone call with the former president, seemingly trying to inoculate herself from Any potential criticism about the theories that she espouses, which you know, most recently include Israeli lasers were responsible for California wildfires, and she's also pushed the idea that Ah plane did not hit the Pentagon. 9 11 that that school shootings have been pre staged. You know, the list goes on, and Republicans kind of knew this and and campaigned against her in the in the primary in Georgia, But once you won They may have felt like they had no choice but to try to embrace her. You know, there's an interesting Issue with all of this because I went to try and get some sound of some of the things that Miss Green has said, and honestly because she's been, I don't know, taken off of maybe YouTube or some other, um, different platforms. It's hard to find sound. So it's so now we're you know, it's basically I hate to say it this way. Taking the word of what The media. We're presenting to people about things that she has said she called for. You know Nancy Pelosi be shot, you know, uh, and different things, but it's kind of weird. How when you try to find Information and tackle information just to do stories that it's becoming more difficult because some of the things that she has said and been, I guess being punished by some of the other sites. Well, she's deleted a lot of videos. Um, history June and some of them have been, I guess taken down. But a lot of this is not in video form. It's in the form of social media posts, her likes or tweets or things that she said a video did surface of her confronting a Parkland shooting survivor. On. That's been especially troubling for for her critics, especially the speaker of the House. Who said, how can you sit on an education committee and claim school shootings or just prestaged? So, um, you know, the Democrats seem serious about trying to move ahead with stripping her of her committee positions if Um, you know, Leader McCarthy decides not to really do anything, but he seems to be in a tough spot and ultimately may have to wait for the judgment of Georgia voters. Azi, the ultimate remedy. Appreciate your time is always Erica Turkey joining us ABC News here in Kentucky, and it's worse news words 10 minutes away.

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