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I know the people kick out or the young the young guys that they bring on for their fresh creative vision and then when they realize oh no we don't want fresh creek division or something then they bring in the older folks that's that's been the cycle so lined up doesn't he doesn't have at least one other movie lined up i that he's work on i assumed that like when they down star wars movies or people working on star wars movies kind of like with dc movies that you know there's like a forty percent chance that movie will actually get made and making it yup yup that's a good percentage so the other thing i want i want to bring up is that i feel like there's this weird narrative that is created by all this background job reporting that i think is kind of unfair weird you know like just because this movie maybe isn't satisfying to us or some people doesn't mean that the lord miller version would have been better you know there's no i feel like there's this weird assumption that of this version didn't work the one they were working on is the one that would have worked and the studio ruined air the you know there's nothing to say that that's the case there's nothing to say that these guys just because they quote unquote we're being daring with the character he was a maverick would have been it would have worked any better or worse it's it's a lot of assumption that i think tends to happen with with fans and critics that oh you know these parts of justice league are just weeden because we like these parts those x neither because we don't like it's a such a weird assumption thing that kind of i mean it's weird it's a little bit though jeff link you like those fill in chris miller movies you understand like what makes us movies work i think you can apply that metality oh man twenty one jump street who the hell needs that who wants that reboot and then you see the life and the humor and the perspective and like just the freshness brought to that it's not hard to apply that to something like solo that's all that's the movie i'm imagining in my head maybe it's a little unfair but this is that's what.

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