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Hopes social distancing guidelines can be relaxed within a few weeks so American workers can get back to their jobs I would love to have the country opened up and they're just raring to go by Easter the virus has killed at least six hundred people in the U. S. it appears the Senate is nearing passage of a roughly two trillion dollar stimulus package to offset the economic impact of coronavirus FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor says he needs Americans to cooperate with covert nineteen testing procedures to make sure those in most need of testing get access you don't have symptoms I don't get a test because every unnecessary tests I take away from my effort to get supplies those critical supplies in the hands of hospitals and medical professionals FEMA officials say critical medical gear such as personal protective equipment continued to be scarce America is often connected continues with one oh six one FM talk thirty three people who tested positive for corona virus in the Piedmont triad that's according to the latest numbers from the CDC Guilford and Forsyth counties make up the majority of those cases with twenty three covert nineteen cases in North Carolina spiking near four hundred more restrictions are in place as the number of coronavirus cases rises in the state they are eight cases in Buncombe county governor Roy Cooper's ordering a ban on any gatherings of over fifty people businesses like movie theaters and gyms will be forced to temporarily close by tomorrow governor Cooper also saying that schools will remain close to in person instruction through may fifteenth he announced the executive order yesterday Cooper says he and his staff came up with the date based on guidance from the CDC for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I'm like more from the GP service style plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center accident forty westbound at just after highway seventy five pass left lane blocked heavy.

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