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The Michigan Humane Society, accompanied by the state police, acting on a tip arrived at the home here on Oak Street, just off of West Jefferson, near Coolidge Highway Before the noon hour. We spent the entire afternoon removing roosters. I don't have a hard count at this point. Easily. Over 150 animals being removed were still actively removing animals at this point. They're going to be brought back to our facility in Detroit. At which point they're gonna be evaluated by our veterinarian staff and cared for by our 13 there. That's Andy cells with the Humane Society who says the roosters have been well cared for pendant behind two homes here. Until the homeowners have also been cooperative. No arrests were made on scene in River Rouge. John W. J News Radio 9 50 Detroit woman is missing this evening after she disappeared while purchasing on airline tickets at Metro Airport. Joyce Oxley's neighbour says he dropped her off at the airport around 12 30 this afternoon, but hasn't heard from her ever since. The 62 year old is around 56 with short, gold ish brown hair and glasses. She was wearing a white button shirt, black capri pants and white sandals. Oxley's family says she suffers from a mental health condition. Anyone with information you're asked to call Detroit Police or Crimestoppers at 1 800 Speak up coming up the latest on the Corona virus pandemic here in Michigan. W W J News time. 80 wait. It is time for traffic.

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