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With his arm talent dari he will go i think in the top part of round one i think he will go as the i won't say the first quarterback but certainly in the top two when rain and that you can't forget about mason rudolf mankahlama state you can forget about mike white from western kentucky kirk ben kurt from virginia dorsey against navient navy marine corps stadium in the ball game he's got the big arm then yet lamar jackson kind of a wildcard because as you are going to be a wide receiver is going to be a quarterback he wants to be a quarterback you'll be a developmental quarterback where will you fall i will ryan finley plays against arizona state in the ballgame nc dissidents yes state transfer from boise had a good year tail off a little late i'd like to see him go back to nc state for another year so those are the quarterbacks nor have i think the real intriguing guys beyond the ones we talk of baker mayfield obviously now about jerusalem from azeri certainly right in that mix in that interesting people kind of behind the curtain with you and i little bit win josh jaipal who was dru locks up its of coordinator at missouri got a head coaching job at ucf what are we two weeks ago i was in colombia missouri doing a basketball game that night of her as she she network and i said all boy and just thought to myself does this mean a change for lock so i call you up i said what do you think of research has got his good arm talent as anybody anybody and then from watching him on the sec network he is without question at least the most accurate quarterback in this league and in my hunch would be i'd put him up there against anybody nationally good strong are big play guy but more than anything is he's as likeable and mature quarterback as there is he's got good size he's tough.

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