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Jack Cronin we are standing by for a news conference in the county health department is set for two thirty here today Dr Wilma Wooten the county's health officer newsletter that is coverage of two thirty will carry it for you live here on kogo they're currently fifty five cases of the corona virus in San Diego county and the state health department now says the R. eleven deaths from the virus statewide in California four hundred and seventy two cases overall the president is urging groups no more than ten to gather social distancing it six feet to the states and counties that anyone over sixty five and those with compromised immune systems should stay home the county order currently sits the groups of no more than fifty should gather that comes through the end of the month as the virus continues to spread of infectious disease specialist says we're in uncharted territory infectious disease expert Rick Heller says many people want to compare the corona virus to the flu but he says there are actually four generations of flu that can go up fast and down faster code is going to go up slow it down slow as far as the case countless concerned so by may or June we're gonna see half of the half of the half of the house to see if they're in the mail he mentioned may and June and he does believe weather will play a factor as the spring and summer comes on in this is this is a protection I can assure you of this but we believe it's seasonal just like flu that we're going to see in the summer a great reduction he says right now the only true way to stop the spread is isolation tech Garcia kogo news Sparkasse trying to bounce back here today after losing three thousand points on the Dow yesterday at one point here today market from around nine hundred they're currently up around six hundred was still time left in trading for Tuesday the set a police department says it's business as usual for officers and for the city as the city and county that's more closures because the coronavirus officer Shawn talk you she says the department has a backup plan to ensure that there is no disruption to public safety we develop contingencies to ensure that stopping our patrol function which are the uniform officers that respond to nine one one call from the non emergency calls we want to ensure that that is not interrupted and so we have plans in place to ensure that our staffing for that patrol function is maintained at a certain level he says officers are well trained to handle the corona virus but you may see some wearing personal protective gear he also says the call to close bars and restaurants in San Diego will be enforced but obviously we're not gonna be arresting anybody I don't think that's the intent of it I think the intent is to just to put a temporary minor full take you know we need to do our part officers out you G. urging calm during this unprecedented time in asking people not to let fear dictate their actions Josh will lift in cocoa news something should be running out once on Amazon as the company took steps to meet demand during the coronavirus Amazons is is prioritizing medical supplies and household staples as it struggles with the crush of online orders from customers avoiding.

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Jack Cronin discussed on Mike Slater

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