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B. was not able to handle it the same way you out that's Kim I'm not sure so even the apologies from Ben Roethlisberger are equivocal well you know I feel bad that I did that thing that that guy did a white but I did the same thing to someone else and he thanked me for it so what the hell in a my problem it's his problem that's basically Roethlisberger saying sometimes better to say nothing an A. B. Woodbine any of it he tweeted yesterday never friends just had to get my ends shut up already that was in response to the the Ben Roethlisberger comment that tweet was later deleted it was so Antonio brown realizing there's a point we just gonna let this go you just calico the Steelers have to let it go he has to let it go just like go B. J. with the giants every time beach it's like Kramer's vow silence starting now and it continues I have a feeling that we jail we talk about the giants at some point during the regular season I have a feeling that Antonio brown will be talking about the Steelers at some point during the regular seasons I have I have a feeling that the Steelers are we talking about him at some point during the regular season and if the giants for the Browns or the Steelers or the raiders in the post season or some combination of those four we're gonna be here in about a ten to it's interesting it adds all spice to the game but there is a point we just wanted to end and book James Washington is it going to complain about getting called out by the quarterback James Washington was a rookie Antonio brown one to complain about it in two thousand ten you want the football she you want the quarterback to like you when you're not get established and this applies to any organization think of it this way you're the new guy the boss calls you out our system trying to put your nose up the bosses but for lack of a better phrase I stopped I paused I tried to think of when I couldn't so I I went with my first stop you try to prove yourself to everyone you want the boss to trust you thank you Sir may I have another once you're established and you've been hearing the same thing from the boss for all these years and you get sick of it here it comes again that same old routine call me out and busted my **** yeah appreciate me although somebody else will appreciate me I show what I can do boss you to start this crap again I'll go somewhere else that's the difference and if your perverse the roles James Washington would have been upset if he was the established veteran player shown over and over again what he can do and Antonio brown would have taken it if he was the rookie and what's astounding to me is Ben Roethlisberger apparently enable figure that out unless he is just groping and grasping for any way he can to justify and make conditional his sense of regret by Ruth for a really bad about that thing that I said about Antonio brown the impact it had on our friendship but I said the same thing the other guy and he was happy about it so screw a B. it's like the the better off as per her internal monologue playing out for us all to to a a paper and please keep doing the weekly radio thing on ninety three seven the fan in Pittsburgh I I have yet to see a final decision from band please keep doing it it's good for us it's good for us for the sports not good for you per se but that's okay you'll find a way to justify it keep thinking keep keep keep working on on the the those various reasons why you come up with something that will be plausible at least to you it may not be plausible rest of us but we like the contents so please please please band keep doing it I look forward to Tuesday mornings with Ben Roethlisberger because he got a license to call out James Washington if I got a license gaudy on teh Johnson he's the rookie this year he'll take a Dante Moncrief he's trying to establish himself column all out just oncology usually Shuster you reply with a B. next year in Las Vegas not a B. would be happy about that would not be the best if you just miss Schuster an internal brown end up on the same team again at some point our Hey in only eight days will have real football to talk about but the one thing we know about football season once you get started the pressure goes up the chances of guys saying things that maybe they shouldn't say in reacting to those things it it increases each one of those games so important to your effort to try to get to the playoffs that's the beauty of only sixteen games maybe that's why they should only have sixteen games there are some who think they should go back to fourteen games could you imagine that think about how much each and every game would mean if there were only fourteen so it's coming in eight days the first of two hundred fifty six NFL regular season games gets played in and three days later all hell breaks loose with the first full Sunday and off we go into a quick break one return some of the statistics are in on replay review of pass interference so far this preseason I got a couple of observations as I'm trying to work my way through anger to now bargaining depression and acceptance and the reality is we need to accept it because nothing is changing for the start of the season now it may change once the season gets started we pay attention to what's happening but for now we're rolling into the season with some important points to keep in mind especially if you're on the sideline with a red flag that you're considering whether or not to use will discuss all that would have to live continues right after this.

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