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A lot more officers. Good morning Teno three forty three degrees. I'm David Rankin. Students at cedar hill, high school may seem more cops on campus today as they answer a threat, cedar hill. Police say someone posted a note on Instagram last night, saying don't go to school tomorrow. I'm shooting up the school and people will die cedar hill. ISD's Jimmy Brown says the city's police department spotted the threat and warned the district where just proud that everyone who worked together on this worked quickly and were able to come up with a plan of action. The two departments pinned down the location where the threat was made and identified the suspects. Brown says cedar hill ISD police have extra officers on campus today. Alan scion, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD students protesting a North Texas university today, the protest has been organized for this afternoon. As you Dallas students claimed their safety was jeopardised by Jacob Anderson being allowed to enroll two years ago. Anderson formerly attended Baylor and is accused of raping. Fellow student in two thousand sixteen just this week. Anderson reached a plea deal that kept him out of jail and off the sex offender list, while he's no longer allowed on campus or able to attend next week's graduation ceremonies. He's still getting his degree UTD says they admitted Anderson without knowing his legal history. Students say that lack of due diligence could have put them at risk. Today's protest is at noon on the university campus in Richardson, Kristen Wisel, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Arlington Andrews is a Bill make it harder for students to transfer to another school house. Bill four forty nine would require all colleges in Texas private or public to make a note on a student's transcript if that student has been suspended or expelled Jacob Anderson transferred to UT Dallas after being accused of rape at Baylor. His controversial plea deal sparked outrage from students and faculty at UT Dallas state Representative Chris Turner of Arlington says this is something the schools should have known. They should certainly know if the student was. Investigated and found responsible for a serious crimes such as sexual assault. The UT Dallas president vowed to review the school's application and enrollment process. The Bill will be considered in the legislature when it convenes next month, Austin York, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD deadline to sign up for health insurance through the government is tomorrow. Barbara Macanese says about a three hundred thousand fewer people have signed up. There's been a lot less publicity about the Affordable Care Act. And the enrollment the sesame a lot less information going out.

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