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Now obviously that's not something that we like to be call make no mistake but it wasn't like he was calling floyd that because floyd was black trays call the floyd that because he small enough is opponent and he wanted to miliatimen drink in his head and i said in a pugilist export were you see this guy going up against any body no matter what color they are and his behavior is assisted you could call something inappropriate uk say something to gene yudo lights of you can even say that as a black person you might take it this way but don't label him as being that person visit prince and i don't see this conor mcgregor ecomomic wregget that did obscene against floyd money way with conor mcgregor so against nadya the conor mcgregor uh so against everybody else and i just think it's imported to say that because we need to be fair and i don't think that was fair to connor mcgregor in response to your interview with with floyd conner said no no no he's not a monkey and ever said that but he is a weasel he is a rat this is a man who beat up his wife in front of his children is that a low blows their lawyer it's it's it's it's a low blow but again he's entitled to go row because that's not about race and ethnicity yeah that's about you as an individual via and all bets are off when you're trying to knock each other out you want to get in there hedge want to be psychological whatever conor mcgregor evidently he's never hit a woman i know i've never had a woman alba lead you of it a have not so if you are a man that has been found guilty of putting your hands on a woman and a man is going up against you decide to labour you as such because you put your hands an a woman than damage you deserve.

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