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Capacities is what Widely bcl projects sort of standard on. Thank you for that. I guess so. So this is the for both of you. this is maybe. I don't think it's a hard question but maybe it's when he mainly just wanted this pause for you when you give you answer in this process Could of this. I think it hopefully will. I'm sure will hit you both In your spirit when you think about just where we are a people so this is just the thing I give you a little background to the to the question as well. I believe Dante everything you just said is is correct. I do not believe That the climate movement starts with the industrial age genetic. It definitely starts With the slave trade in some cases before that with this extractive mentality and also with white supremacy. So with that being the case the modern dave to movement a lot of times puts itself in a position where it it It looks at Where we are as a movement based upon either decrease november to protection agency epa or even with the first earth day a mastan with conservation but literally that aspect so basically fifty years ago so everything that kinda wanna get to is. This is that. I feel and me being from louisiana and Having a still going through with my community the effects of hurricane katrina. I believe that the inconvenient truth wasn't just the climate crisis but the truth was white supremacy and and i believe like many and That we until you liberate black people. You can't solve this crisis so with that. Being the case also feel that a lot of times i work is based upon the larger climate movement and it puts us in a position where will always explaining ourselves literally creating products and programs to say that we exist. Hey where over here. And it can be said that black people come into the movement through pain rather than privilege. Do you both agree with that. Greenwich you Yes i think that a start out with. Yes that i agree that he will come to the movement Through pain black people especially. I don't know if i would say. I would say rather than privilege in the context of how we wanted to find privilege right if we're defining it in the context of again white supremacy in the system. Of course right we are. We have we are. We are the most impact it had been historically on all things right and we talk about climate that means the economy that means The the ecology environment. I mean all education everything. Right are the most impacted population and so We walk through even just with race. The contract race You know come to this through pain And i think however if we were to switch that i like to Not not think about coming to this movement in terms of pain in that contract right that we are brought into that are his. The history of our people were brought into Then i would say that we're reconnecting to joy of excellence like like you said rev We get asked the question over and over.

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