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Never be bracco guys i. I'm not okay with this like one of the and brothers wrestling. wow but But now it was bret the hitman hart and his brother owen hart and his brother owen. Hart fucking died doing that. Shit he something. He fell from really high up. I don't know all the. I'm sure. Patrick eric talk circles around me but he fell for high up in a certain way died. I don't know exactly what happened. But i grew up watching stuff. Like when hulk hogan behaved like mr america. And there was like vincent van are vince. Vince mcmahon and the undertaker when brock listener was really big Eddie guerrero Crispin walk but a lot of these guys it's kind of nuts like oh and heartfelt who his death eddie. Guerrero died crispin wall killed. His whole family died like it's breathing. Razi shut the tap and Which is why. There's a great show called dark side of the ring but there's also really cool. Look at someone like johnson and how much make a wish that he's not you know there's also a really positive side all that as well And it also dwayne johnson ron right batista. It gives you. It gives you a lot of people that are now breaking out. Because i mean that's the thing with wrestling is that it's you know you have to be an insane physical good shape but also you have to be somewhat of a good actor you know. Don't have to be amazing. But you know i'm sure that the the dave teesta that was wrestling was not to save dame david teesta runner twenty forty nine. That's different guy you know. And it's the same different guy and garden galaxy But yeah i definitely grew up with it in the house. And i just i fucking hated it. I didn't like it I i was always more of like a boxing fan itself. But i understand like why kids like it and you know i guess i just don't understand why grown men would still appreciate it now. I'm just kidding Now there's there's a lot of stuff where like i get it the the i think that debate is wrestling. Fake as it's like dude. If someone is arguing that with you you just gotta walk away like it's not real it's it's entertainment is scripted entertainment but still people still die people can still still get very look fucking mick foley who played mankind. That guy has been through the that guy might as well have been jim. Caviezel stunt double and passion of the christ. He has been through the fuck and ringer doing his wrestling. So i definitely grew up within. I definitely have like a history a little bit. Who doesn't know andre the giant hulk hogan and ultimate warrior and stuff like that. But you know when it came to watching this. This movie is so fucking not about wrestling. You know there's just it's not. It's this this could be a guy who's a professional ice skater. This could be a guy who's a professional juggler. Or someone who's a great ventriloquist you know and it's you could be about but there's also something about wrestling where it's like the fit. It has to be wrestling because the physical the physical complications of it in. It's not something where like a lot of wrestlers. Don't you know a lot of wrestlers. Don't hit pro. And don't get to retire like johnson. Dave batista south. So you kinda get to see the other side of that of like these people who are still trying to make an still trying to break through I heard that. I think carlos and africa he said this was going to be in black swan. We're going to be a thing together like item. Yeah i haven't seen black swan. Black swan is outstanding. It might be my favorite movie of his seen two hours of it but the only twelve.

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