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Everyone. Welcome to the show. I'm your host Sam I am the Queen of rock and roll dogs. This is Vegas dog radio. It's a rock and roll show all about pets people amp up culture, and it's a brand new year. In studio with me today. Well, it was just me doing in studio believe it or not is Jim. Hello. I didn't know that. I had to take of the as yet. Want to wreck your excitement. It's a brand new year. And even if he's just psychological is a good place to restart isn't it, Jim what kind of you're having a psychological year already. Even though it's a psychological thing over one literally one day to the next. There's a reset that happens in your mind. Well, it doesn't mind. What about you in mine? It's no, no, no. I think after new years it's the long grind until the weather gets better. Even for us. Come on. I've been outdoors today. I could have been wearing a bikini no joke. Okay. That's you. Okay. That's me. Well, gyms in studio and roll so got missed Thornton, Mr. Twix and galaxy looks out for us from the rainbow bridge got a great show. Very informative show lined fee today. Very very informative, and I think something's going going to be a little bit of an eye-opener full you before we get started. Welcome to the show, if your brand new brand new listeners brand new year would else could you want for regular listeners? Always glad that you hear every single week. And let me tell you how else you can connect with his on the internet. And this is how he's gonna do it on my website is baker's roof. Doug radio dot com. You just go over to the site Clayton. Listen live, and they go and you'll also find archives shows as well. You can also find his on periscope Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest tumbler, Instagram, all the great places, and we have a blog and the blog is the rock and roll Doug dot com. Bam an app, and you will go to. Yep. Dot US. Why APP dot US? It's free. Download the app. Download our show straight onto the app. And of course, if you missed the live show, you can go to choose iheartradio spoke by Sirius XM and any other platform that you listen to podcasts on you'll find us with that we're on the mall, but they're the main ones the main ones that most people listen to these days. And since we're talking about, you know, where to find the show will also on Amazon. And we're also on Sonos as well, which you and I should get. We should get an Alexa. Jim. Why the amount of things? The people the prime reason why mount things that you can do is phenomenal. So my friend Stephanie. She was telling me she she does all the to do list on the she can tell her TV to turn on she can turn lights on. She can obviously play music and images by requesting music. You can say, you know, find me this finally this article on, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. She says she tries new things every single day. She can say Alexa. I want to listen to some ocean the ocean waves tell me go to sleep there. It is indeed alums I think I'm thinking we need one. The only downside is the only downside is it records all of your conversations, everything that you're saying, I think that's a spying device. We're going to have to protests because. Device that spies and goes into the cloud in my life becomes record. Let's be honest private life from what I can gather a murder case and the conversation of this murder that happened. They subpoenaed the data. No, I don't think we're getting one of those. There's not gonna be any murder here. But. I'm happy about that. I go to put a foot down. My house has to be like a. We have to be free of this somewhere. But I lead lead elites assistance you need. You need help finding the do the house on your channel is the assistant. I'm gonna for TV assistance. Foot down you say that you don't even know how to apple TV on. You don't know how to block unblocked a receptor with decorations around the apple TV? Look bound to happen is Christmas, especially this decorations. I'm like get one is down. I'm thinking of a you mean, you're the boss Boston me what you want about. Is down. Imagine I can say because you know, research so many things they read so much stuff every single week about animals and and medical treatments and breakthroughs in diet and nutrition, and oh, do you know how much that would save me so much time? It would save me so much time. It's going to be a way around that. Because my friends some smashing some special told me she said she went to check her. She wants to check her Alexa for me. She said she's as God is my witness. She says if Alexa didn't record a conversation men men. Dennis Adam Bede, there you go. There you go and I feel bad for Dennis because. I don't think he was plotting to murder, Jim. I'm anti Alexa. Well, you shouldn't be because my shows on Alexa. But Alexa, isn't watching me and my house in my underwear. She'll cover is up. I'm telling you narrow she sees that she'll definitely cover is up a brand new year. Everyone and lots of new guests. Great gas high quality guesses we like to say and is the year of the dog. I mean, really I mean, it's all coming together. All nicely. Isn't it Jim? And this show this week is dedicated to a dog named blue. And you're about to find out. Why now Bonnie Holland is my guest today. She's the founder of prevent pets affiliation. Which is dedicated to spreading public awareness on the certification dangers that pets face and the organization has grown to an international following which is great news of over thirteen thousand supporters, and I hope that after this show that those numbers increase further. So let's bring bunny on the line. Hello, bonnie. Hi sam. Hey, how are you? I'm wonderful. Thank you for having me on. I'm thrilled that you here. It's six months since we spoke because that was zoo. I would I leave on bringing them on the show. I usually get them on the show. And I'm really glad that you here today because you know, what your organization does is saving lives. Basically, you are saving lives through prevent pets of occasion. But before we get started. I want to ask how your dog Jack is how's Jack doing Jagath wonderful. He's a five year old English Springer spaniel. And I'm totally obsessed with him. So he's amazing and fun and you've got fits right in. You've got you've got grand dogs as well. Haven't you? I know I do golden doodle named soccer too. So it's it's quite a menagerie over here. Sometimes I love that. I love the fact that you called new grand dogs because I've got to the point now where I don't even say pets Jack Holden the babysitter. As a good babysitter. I've got one for you. I just don't think that way anymore because the kids and their grandkids as well. So as I mentioned dedicating the show to your dog blue, and I want you to to basically told you a story of how you let up to this organization that you you've got so much international support from and it's. I feel like it's something that people are very very very unaware of very unaware of. I mentioned it's someone this week and the look on their face. They would just mortified and so so tell us about blue what kind of a dog was blue. Okay. So blue was actually a rescue dog and my oldest son chase. He brought him home from college when he graduated and so, of course, those initially not ready for another dog in my house because they stayed for this for a while. And before I knew it, I totally took blew over one. The over. Somebody who described him like a a man in a dog suit. And that's really how he was fabulous. Even-tempered, you know, rescue dog parts differ charter terrier. So anyway, blue ended up staying with me full-time, and we had our little routine. So what happened was on December fifteenth twenty eleven so it was Christmas. And a lot of things to be done. I we're not to do some errands. I wasn't gone very long. And blue was always find in the house when I came back home. You kind of come in from my garage into my kitchen, and I noticed that blue wasn't there to greet me at the door, which was very unusual. So I looked around and I saw kind of a paper bag of trash topped over in the kitchen, and I thought well, you must be hiding because he got into something. And he knows he shouldn't have. So then I'll watch round the house, and I noticed some like Christmas decorations were knocked over and it was just kind of odd. So I started going through my house calling his name and looking for him. And I literally could not find him anywhere. Looked under the beds allergy in every bedroom. I went upstairs, I call my son. Did you come get the dog? No, he didn't. So I went back up stairs circled around. And I found him in the corner of my game room under a table and from afar, I could see that he had a Cheetos chip bag over his head. And just in that instant, I knew wow. Oh, him suffocated in a chip bag. But then I had no idea that that was even possible. So I I ran into him. He was still warm. I pull the back off call my immediately crying. He told me how to do CPR started CPR on blue. But you know, it just was too late, and it was really hard. Find discovery. That it was just devastating. I bet actually rushed right over. I'm just kind of unheard of in Houston. That's amazing came over there. Yeah. He he came over. So by the time he got there. My husband had a ride town. Of course, I was crying crying, and the vet said to me, I could have warned you about one hundred things, but a chip bag would never have been one of them that I. I've never heard of it. You know, I think that's the with with the amount of people. I've spoken to about it. That's exactly the the, you know. No. Response. Yeah. They just can't believe it. I'm horrified listened to your store in it's incredibly saddened incredibly tragic. A no one wants to lose that pet at all. And certainly not in that manner and not knowing it thing, it's not something you could look out full. Could you you just it just doesn't cross your mind. Yeah. We hear about pets getting in trash all the time. But we never really I mean, I think the dangers most people say don't let them get in the trash and eat stuff 'cause it's terrible, you know, upset their stomachs. But no one talks about suffocating. Do they know? And because I had never heard of it. I was I was just in shock, and I was so mad happened. You know, so I just kind of decided, right? Then I was going to do something about it. I didn't know what it took me a couple of weeks to figure out what I wanted to do. So you channel. I'm sure it was it was. Anger and pain enough. Not once wanting other people have to go through that that spurred you in the right direction, didn't it. Yes. It did. It was just kind of a catalyst to to start this. And so that's how prevent pets supplication started. So in January was when I began the Facebook page, and then everything kind of evolved from there. So you close to like six years now, then seven years, right? It was just six years in December. Right. It's a say a mentioned to a friend this week and. The look on her face was are you kidding me? I've never thought of this. Something that everybody has in the homes. This is this is danger in everybody's homes. If you eat snacks, you have a danger in your home. If you if you're not vigilant with that kind of stuff. And so it's yeah. Gosh, I can't even imagine. But yeah, you've got a community growing constantly. It is it's it's amazing. How well, you know, it took off and thanks to all the supporters awareness aspect of this campaign is has gone international the way people find me typically is when they come home. Job. Yeah. Suffocated to death. So they'll typically Google it. And then they'll find me and I'll probably hear from three to four people a week. Oh, you know that this is happening to everybody has the same refrain. I've never heard of his fifth. Never knew. This was a problem. If only I had known known. Oh, I can only imagine. I can only imagine how that haunts. You even though you didn't know just oh my gosh. But if I'd only known just simple thing to you know, to because you can prevent it. That's the whole point of this is I think that's the positive side of your organization, even though I know that anytime of your post pop up, and I do see him unless you a picture of an animal ago. I know what happened there known as what happened, but it does such a positive side to this which is preventing certification in preventing these these accidental deaths is what they are. They truly are accidental deaths. Aren't they? One was accidental and there senseless, and they don't have to happen. You don't have to happen. Absolutely. They don't. So what is the? I don't wanna get graphic by no means, of course. But of course, tonight bags repealing any kind of food packaging appealing because he takes the mid smells good. So that's the that's the attraction in the first place. And so watching what happens once the pack is that the head inside these night Bax. Well, so once the dog gets his nose in in a bag, you know, the back free starts to create a vacuum like seal around his neck as he tries to breed. The bag starts to tighten around his neck cutting off the oxygen. So of course, the dog is logical. And no he's not thinking he's just reacting. So they're typically will continue to try to eat. But they realize they can't breathe. So when you visualize. A chip bag over dogs head and he can't breathe. He also can't see that's right, but they become very anxious. And so a lot of them will run around, which is what blue. That's why everything was knocked over in my house. He actually went from kitchen upstairs all the way around. So he he struggled with this for a while. So they'll start to panic and typically run around, and then eventually they start, you know, passing out from his fixation, and the other horrible thing is they typically lose their bowels as well. Exactly what happened to blue..

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