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Crucially those areas around the syrian border so apart from small pockets it's now radicati base clam both sides of that border so it is truly very big deal i think it's really important just to remind people in how difficult it was to get to this moment right you're absolutely right because although everyone does love a parade um it wasn't a boat the parade it was a vote the fact that they almost never got here i mean isis really did at one point threaten the existence of iraq and the kurdistan region so when isis moved in entire army divisions collapse they retreated rather than fight in the kurdish forces as you'll recall stepped up and they fought isis in the north and then the us stepped in first of all to protect iraqi surrey american interests and then to try to protect the eze dis who were being faced with genocide that small religious minority it was a very very difficult fight with a huge civilian cost and huge cost of iraqi forces i was in most sold the day it was liberated i saw iraqi army officers sobbing because they had lost so much and had had taken that much to get to this point wow you know some of the fighting was also done by these shiite paramilitary groups who were answering a religious call what has happened to those militias that is the big question and the big test because they're not going away so they answered the call of a top religious leader here who said it is your religious duty to go and fight and they did they went out and fought and they pushed isis back in central iraq but it's a huge array of groups it's about sixty of them so there are some the major iranianbacked militia's there are lots of other groups that are less disciplined and what the prime minister prime minister l body wants to do now hayder el a body is tell these groups that they have to give up their weapons because the war is over young can be peaceful now of not all of them are going to do that in the ones that are going to do that like my to dissenters forces the.

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