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Kindness and courage a young Jewish girl hidden And by a family in Nazi occupied France finds a surprising best friend and savior in the boy she and her classmates one shunned audio file magazine calls it hey welcome back to another episode of Reality Live with Casey hope that you guys have had a great weekend gotta say my weekend started out on a high note with soccer baseball flag football and ended with an even hire known with the Bravo TV Real Haas of New Jersey Special Event Joe and Teresa unlocked and I don't think I'm the only one so when they left these two before they serve their forty one month and one year prison sentence which never overlapped they were clearly unhappy together of course we saw months months months before years before several scenes where they seem to load each other and it was pretty clear that Joe was probably having extramarital affair if not once several times there was infamous seen a Caroline Manzo fiftieth birthday party in a vineyard where's someone calls him of course he said it was somebody who works with him but it was a woman and he said something like hang on my beep wife just walked up and then Theresa clearly looks unnerved by it but instead of slapping him telling him to hang up the phone and maybe be loyal to his wife she tries you basically have sex with them in the middle of Vineyard while cameras filmed it was all part of her constant push to push this narrative that they were happy together not anybody who's grown up in a family that's either divorced or should have been divorced would've told you three seconds into watching the two of them on TV those two were not meant to be but that's neither here nor there so anyway this special was interesting because I felt like it was the first time that they admitted that maybe things were great between them Joe says that he definitely thinks that she cheated on him and then she finally says yeah I think he cheated on me too Andy Throws Teresa under the boss and says what about that guy that I saw you with the Beach Joe said he had no idea what she was talking about as far as the beach treatment insisted it was just a friend the troubles with her because you know guys travel with me and they spend a lot of time with me yeah okay so that was pretty interesting I loved it when Joe suggested that in the next time around he's going to get someone younger which is pretty funny for somebody who's just been deported to Italy has sent spent forty one months in prison does not have a job and children live in another country I'm not sure he is the best package right now but then again I also think that should television team approach him he should take the opportunity to do some sort of Bachelor Ish Style Show in Italy filmed obviously in his village perhaps hosted by Lorenzo Borghese he was the bachelor who apparently came from an Italian Italian royalty except Lorenzo could not speak any Italian in whatsoever and they threw in this one contestant who spoke only Italian it reminds me of the same thing so lorenzo hosting it joe gets to choose from a bunch of girls in the village I say if he hasn't had a to me he's probably going to have about three kids have a boy named them after himself and he's going to have a second family that being said I also loved how he suggested Theresa that in her second chapter she find somebody with money because she's really got expensive lifestyle it was all in all pretty entertaining especially since Joe via satellite war in Orange Jacket not the best choice of collar after just been released from prison and I have to say he looks remarkably like Mike the Situation From Jersey shore and he gave me that sort of like I'm an extra in National Lampoon's European vacation vibe he seems happier they should not be married anymore call it a day it's a wrap you don't need to be together anymore and the last thing that I thought was pretty interesting was andy asking Theresa About Caroline Man's was prediction that he would go away and she would book and say that she needed to show her daughter that she was strong and her response was did she wrap me out why did she make that prediction does she know too much what you saying is that she questions her friendship with Bernard Kerik now if you remember he was the former New York City police commissioner who served time in prison for ox rod and line two officials so these two still hate each other all these years later and I saw a Clip Carolina this morning where she's laughing and making fun of the doc the Theresa said the Word Beautiful List which is as you know not a word that exists so I say bring caroline back to the show and go back to the good old Manzo giudice days or actually at that point she was Jud ice bringing back now the other thing that's crazy in Roswell land is this Edmonds Divorce Megan Edmonds was with Jim Edmonds the former baseball player and now commentator on real housewives of Orange County we first met them when they appeared in an episode out with Heather Dubrow at her groundbreaking. I'm about to build a new house party a mega was in the background and somehow she ends up on the show she did not have children she's just married to this guy which I thought was a little suspect in like how did she end up on the show she doesn't have kids anymore because it's my understanding that they really prefer people who children but the only link to that is that she had a step daughter will actually more than one but this one particular stepdaughter had apparently moved to Orange County another from Saint Louis it was very strange and of course they paint the daughter stepdaughter out to be a brat which I don't know what what kid at that age isn't abroad and Agan made lots of statements about how she enjoyed being stepmother so much she actually wished those children were hers and I thought to myself the women who were the others of these children that Jim had in previous marriages probably want to throttle her and luckily the older housewives also had similar opinion gave her a hard time in the course of the show you kind of began to like Megan because she has exemplary investigative skills and this kind of door knocked with the time period when Vicky meet up the cancer story with Brooks so we all Kinda forgave her and I got to know her a little bit I interviewed her I ran into a restaurant hello to her Jim never looked up he may have been miserable the time I don't know what I will say is this I wish those two were still on the show because what's ending in divorce is just so fascinating because I feel like it's it's quickly moving there's this allegation of a nanny affair and it's like why is the nanny why isn't it like can anybody have like Lady Gardener I dunno somebody who like I don't know helps make some drapes for the house why is it always the nanny so I'm keeping up to keeping up with that now in this episode I got a chance to talk to John Paul Jones Tom Bachelorette and Bachelor in paradise and I have to say like I love the Guy He went to Catholic University I went to trinity across the street of course I'm a little bit older than he is but I watched the show I felt like I understood him I think he's hysterical I think he actually we'll have a career outside of Bachelor nation and he's moved to California and I needed touch base with them and then I got a chance to talk to actually might like real life running Bronwyn who is on the real housewives of Orange County and I'm pleased to tell you I got a chance is to kind of get some more back story life before television which I wanted you guys to hear because I feel like it's really hard sometimes to get a sense of somebody from just the clips that you see on TV and you know it's it's nice to know where someone's from kind of the dynamics of their family and you can figure out if you relate tim or not but I'm sure all of you will so here we go here we are in Newport coast I'm at Brown win Wyndham burks house and it's my real life friend welcome to the show I'm so glad I finally get to be here so this has been a wild ride I feel like it was yesterday that we had coffee right before you started filming does it feel like it was a minute ago it feels like that was a lifetime ago really I mean I remember just being so nervous being so new still be in shock this actually happened and just wanting any advice I could get and here I am almost at the end of it entire season and just thinking Whoa I was vastly and prepared for them you say that a lot I felt like in the beginning you thought just GonNa be fun it'll just be just something on like a side job just really fun do you still feel that way when I first started I did I thought it would be something they did or a few months I would hang out with some girls go on some trips where some cute clothes I mean I really thought I was going to be that easy and didn't actually understand the amount of work that this was actually a full I'm job right because you're filming and then you have to do other gonNA pickups afterwards but you really have to do a lot of press and you have don't you be kind of on social media all the time to to keep up with everything I do I do just keeping my presence but also monitoring what's out there because I don't anyone doing this for me I didn't realize how quickly my instagram would take off and there's just things I don't want people saying about my kids especially so it's monitoring my instagram but also monitoring kids making sure that the things that they are seeing are true and not hurtful especially for you know my second daughter Rowan well let's start in the beginning so you are originally from Laguna Beach I was born in Delaware and then I moved out here when I was six weeks old so pretty much I've been here my entire life I lived in La for a few years my mom then I came back here and lived with my grandparents and went to Thurston went to high school and then graduated from boarding school but then I came back now you have said that your grandparents had a huge part of raising you as a child yes so I lived with my grandma my GRANDPA and my cousin for in many many many years so that was the closest I had to a nuclear family growing up now this is your cousin who looks basically exactly like you but with dark hair right it is a it's actually like shocking to see yes the Brown haired Bronwyn Yeah so how does she live with your grandparents to we just moms are in different places at the time my mom was at school her mom was working through some other issues and it was just the best place for us to be at the time so your mother was going school but she also talked about how she was pursuing this music career well that's when I was really little so what I was like a three or four year old that's when we were living in la the whiskey and the oxy when we moved back to Colonel Dhamar that's when she went to UCI and she was pre med and then she went to Ucla from med school so your earliest memories are being in Hollywood watching your mom perform yes I was little three three years old so you are the only sibling that was witnessed any of us yes my brother and sister are fifteen in eighteen years younger so they were born when my parents had already graduated from med school we're physicians and working so how do you think that impacted the kind of the trajectory of your life growing up as basically an only child the first few years of your life and you watch your mom on stage I think it just sort of made me feel like she was the star and I was the backup singer and I'm sort of our dynamics I think for a very long time I was always very happy to take a second seat and not just to her but to my girlfriend's or to my husband or whatever my children I was always very comfortable being the support behind the scenes but was there a part of you that ached to have you kind of learn how to either in a healthier unhealthy way get that attention so when I was younger I definitely acted out a lot in ways I shouldn't but then meetings on when I was eighteen I sort.

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