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It out, particularly if they go four wide inside the dog going to restart and with a new larger rear spoiler. But drivers say the cars really stick just about anywhere. Any grew? We expect we'll still see Harvard down low and car Larson flirting with the wall all cover the action for you. Now for driver has a good balance. At this end of the speedway. We'll have it for the completely different turns three and four for that answer. Let's go to Kyle Ricky from killingly, Connecticut. All right. Thanks, very much, Dan and good afternoon. Everybody from my position high atop the turn three suites once off of turn to the car. So make the five seconds sprint up. Bill. Eleven hundred foot Seventy-nine foot back straightaway climbing on the brakes upon entry into number three. This end of the speedway. Like Dan mentioned a bit. Different than turns one to Bank ten to eleven degrees. Bottom to top. And this is where we find a much tighter radius. Then turns one and two however like the other end of the race track. The inside lane will be the preferred way around once off of turn number four. It's back onto the front straightaway. Back into the beauty of our gentlemen in the booth. Jeff St. Alex, an rusty Wallace. Kyle seventy five laps. We the length of stage. Number one. Seventy five laps will be the length of stage two and the final run to the checkered flag one hundred sixty two laps and link that makes up three hundred twelve laps around this one race track. And a ticket guardian five hundred and it's a five hundred kilometer race. So that offers up all kinds of different strategy options for the courtesy. So why not go down to pit road to Steve post and get a report brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts, Alex is going to be looking at a couple of different things here. The fuel window is usually in the lap range. It may be closer to seventy five which is well.

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