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Posted that on our Facebook page the page I have with Marianne. So be good, too. Facebook dot com slash surrounding Marciano. You can see that. Quote and shared. A lot of people have been doing that already. And I didn't know this but In the last chapter of the book. Jim Tilmon rights. Was delightfully surprised and honored. When, upon my retirement from television news, the F A. A designated high altitude navigation checkpoint in my name. Tillman intersection. They use the letters T i l m N Another surprise came when United Airlines declared me to be an honorary United Airlines captain. Complete with an airline pilots hat. That's pretty cool, considering Jim worked for American And then he writes, But the major compliment came when Mayor Richard M. Daley proclaimed October 7th 1994 Jim Tilmon day. That was the day I resigned from Channel five. I just wanted to fly his name of that book By Jim Tilmon Oneto mention that This morning and we talked about him yesterday but didn't get a chance to really check out the book. I think Jim gave this to me when we interviewed him. Probably. I don't know if it was on radio or on Channel 11. And he signed the book. It's so cool to see this now to Bob, my buddy forever, Jim Tilmon. I will cherish that. 6 13 right now and just few minutes we'll go through our top six. That's six. The stories people are talking about today. And let's see. I wanted to also mention our campaign. Get a permanent memorial of some kind of lasting tribute for the great Jack Rosenberg, who passed away recently. He wasn't seen on Cubs broadcasts, but he certainly was heard in countless ways. Great legendary sports editor for WGN TV and Radio and World's Nicest Man, I think was a tie with Jim Tilmon. And I thought there should be some sort of honor for him. I don't know if it's AH street sign in the neighborhood here of the radio station or something at the ballpark. Like Dave in its idea, a statue next to the brick house statue of Michigan Avenue, but And I think they're moving or they're gonna move or they have moved the Brickhouse statue. I don't know what's going on out there. I haven't I haven't checked that out. But I'm sure whatever they're doing, the Brickhouse statue will be there. And having a Rosenberg statue next to him would be awesome. And and the other idea. I thought about was, you know they have those penance on the roof at Wrigley went out of pendant that says Rosie flying up there. That would be nice. If you have an idea. Go to WGN radio dot com. We've got some information posted there and Share your thoughts with us if he had any other ideas about this, Dave. I like the statue idea the statue would be the way to go now. I know they sort of cut back on the anniversary street signs because it was getting ridiculous. Everybody was getting a street sign. And then I think they changed the rule on that. Um, because they were they were honoring people who are still living. I don't think they'd do that anymore. We? We need to talk to the alderman Brendan Riley about that, But I'm not. I'm not sure that what do you think Rosie would have preferred? You think you would have? I think this he would have liked the statue next to break out a statue with his typewriter in the pipe going. Yeah. Yeah, that's what you need. And maybe the Haft on the desk or something, right? Okay, well, That you could have a little speaker playing the sound of typewriter keys clacking. Yeah. We have to check and see how much money we have to raise for the statue before we add the audio portion. You know who we should ask his Tom hags because they had a relationships, right? I bet I bet that he was I would think he's got a few bucks. You might roar away for this man is another great idea. Yeah, because they shared a love of old typewriters. And Tom Hanks actually wrote a book about that. And they communicated Why, Dave, you are apparently this sports reporting Just a sideline with you is just a hobby. Your your main Advocation is creative, Bob. It's all about ideas. There's no off position to the genius switch on Dave in its brain, 6 17. Uh ah. Here are a few morning updates for you starting with the weather. Steve. We may see some morning sunshine, but it won't stick around for long is clouds roll in in the afternoon, and some scattered snow showers are possible. We could see a dusting up to.

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