Harassment, Fraud, Donald Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Sexual harassment is such training a fraud first of all there illiterate you don't need sexual such a fraud harassment such training a joke unique antisexual they stood behind harassment bill clinton training they stood behind the problem ted is kennedy you have and today had they sexual stand behind harassment out training frank up and there they don't this want to is al franken how yes sexually a resign harass people you haven't no heard a single we want the democrat opposite go on tv and and then when say he came wait to a minute her revealing what name says she what he'll resign in the she coming won rithy weeks all night we want him to resign right now we're so disgusted with this guy whereas kirsten jila grant today where are all of them today on the democrat side not where you haven't heard a damn thing from any of them nothing because they don't want him to resign we're going to wait for the outcome in alabama it's even worse as i told you the day after the election the goal for the democrats here is to impeach donald trump or to criminalise the election i'm not going to play it again i played it for two days in a row in the end what they're going to do is call for trump to resign if franken resigns if roy doesn't win that they're going to turn their guns on trump they've already started it's out of the bag bernie sanders is just too stupid to keep its mouth shut he can't help it cut five mr producer go we have a president of the united states who acknowledged on a tape widely seen all over this country but he assaulted women so i would hope that maybe the president of the united states might pay attention to what's going on and also think about resign but a fuel point is that it's not just al franken you're absolutely right seats all politics.

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