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Junior us do much actually actually hit me. You know i i. I'm gonna memory here sir. Correct me if i'm wrong. But i'm pretty sure james cameron's a heavily heavily change what we know spiderman debate like i think those a a point where he was going to look more like a spider i think and what was it that was there was. I think they're going to have vulture and a having trouble memory. But i remember though some really bizarre choices i wanna look it up here you can. If you want like little other okay goings well. I'll keep going because the next one kind of blew my mind. I never heard of before the beatles. Lord of the rings and i was like whoa. Yes stop broadband. I looked it up so in the mid. Nineteen as the bagels wanted to star in a lord of the rings film directed by stanley kubrick and featuring original songs. What fats inside. Excuse me that's crazy about as wild Wheels have christopher columbus indiana jones. The monkey king. That sounds widely. Racist was lumber isn't but christopher columbus woods i can say that he's very childlike sensibilities I don't know how he would handle an action movie like that. I don't even if i wanna say One not done by stave off stephen king steven spielberg But considering that we got indiana jones and the kingdom the goal from caitlyn stevensville bag and we all getting the next one from james mangold. It's going to be really interesting to see what he does. With the franchise georgia. I remarried resident evil. I mean that's kind of like an o'brien a- unintended brenna And all of us starnes return of the apes. The main onus turns an incredible director. I definitely would have loved to say that as well. What are you so yeah. I'm looking at here and it's not exactly as i remember. It seems like the reason fell. Pot was like contract issues but yes our. He's the big on. Remember those big cost choice armor it's he now So it was potentially. It was talked about that. Arnold schwarzenegger would play doctor octopus..

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