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46. Mm hmm. 41 38 Cincinnati 13.5 minutes to go Temple throw it in against the full court press will try to throw it in against the full court press they managed to get it into Jape Mormon. Trying to find a guard, and he puts it in the hands of Jeremiah Williams, freshman from Chicago Crosses center court on the dribble, passing for battle outside the arc. Right now it's Mormon with a head of steam, handing it off on the wing for Jeremiah Williams hears battle driving on Harvey, who took the ball away. Great Steal by Zack Harvey. Cincinnati's ball up by 3 41 38 Mike Adams with dribbling right. It's center court, now driving towards the left point feeds it down low Here's Tari East and playing in the second half for the first time. Keith Williams, jab, Steps Jab Step again drives to the right hand gets right to the rim, switched to the left hand and missed the shot. Terry has the rebound. Brendan Barry goes it outside for Mormon Williams feeding it under the basket Tipped out of bounds by Terry Easton Target Great by playing defense across you wanna put that shoulder the arm across the chest of the guy that you're guarding, but you don't want to overplay to the point where if you miss that he catches it for a dunk. Plenty. Adam All quiet checks in Jeremiah Williams exits here's battle with a quick three from the corner. It's no good rebound, kept alive by East and grabbed by Adam's Woods. Fires it ahead for Harvey. No look bounce pass for a reason, and he lays it in cross used the body throw behind themselves, Use the body as a shield and watch easing finger rolling in. 43 38, Cincinnati. Well minutes and 10 seconds to go Temples ball in the front court battle in the right point looks for an open teammate now dribbles against Harvey before handing it off for Mormon Mormon, guarded by Keith Williams hears battle sizing up Harvey passes back to the left point. Mormon hesitation dribble. Now driving into the paint shoves up and down, up and up and under move, they call them through a foul. All they say key through a story. That's his third personal rather than keep picking up his fourth. Tori just checked into the game and every time someone pump fakes since that he's flying in the air. When everybody should expect the ball doesn't leave.

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