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This was the third of four straight games in ST Louis. For Keller and the Coyotes. It's awesome. I think you know all this we want. We want to place a zoo, much as we can. Obviously, it's it's tough on the body after the right things away from the rink, But, um, you know, we're so lucky and blessed to be able to play right now, With everything going on faint. Louis remains in a tight top of central division while Arizona improves to 55 and one David Solomon ST Louis Jacob Chicken scored twice and Clayton Keller's scored as well to leave Arizona Coyotes to a 31 win over the ST Louis Blues Saturday. Darcy Kemper made 24 saves for the Coyotes, who scored on two of seven power plays. This was the third of four straight matchups between the teams in ST Louis. The Blues and Coyotes had their originally scheduled games for the weekend postponed due to covert 19 issues with Colorado and Minnesota. ST Louis remains in a tie atop the West Division. While Arizona improves to 55 and one David Solomon, ST Louis, I would assume you became the third Illinois player to record a triple double is he delivered 21 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists in a 75 61 over 19th, ranked Wisconsin Anytime she's on record, a triple double. It's a It's an accomplishment that is not individual accomplishment, so I'll give credit to my teammates. You know, everyone did their job coffee, especially spring out of every ball screen. They may shot shuttle confidence. The forward helped the 12 Frank the line I shoot 54% from the floor and out rebound. The Badgers 46 18 coffee. Cockburn scored 23 points and had 14 boards for his eighth double double in nine games. Dimitri try scored 19 points and Nate Rivers added 11 for Wisconsin. I'm.

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