Mr Muller, President Trump, United States discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Then is even broaden even further it's more broad than broader i should say moreover when you look at the forty nine areas of the questions mr muller wanted to pose to the president of the united states why did you fire mister komi why didn't you like my appointment what did you say to jeff sessions and so forth this is exactly the kind of power by the way illegitimate exactly the kind of power that is supposed to be controlled and limited but it isn't controlled and limited not by the deputy attorney general and the attorney general has recused himself so i think a very strong argument could be made in order to be me i all the defendants in this case all the witnesses who do not wish to be witnesses anymore all the individuals receiving subpoenas who do not wish to respond to subpoenas all the people who've been notified that their subjects or even target so this investigation should walk into the respective federal district court and make the case that the appointment mr mueller is unconstitutional under the appointments clause we know the handful of cases that these judges will look at it will all depend on whether the judges fair or a leftist quite frankly but you're still make your point you still make your case matter for its lawyers then their arguments to judge ellis and the others should to make the case and i would even go further than my friend calabrese there's nothing mr muller's doing in terms of the prosecution a manner for what he did with flynn what he's done with papadopoulos what he started with gates that a normal us attorney couldn't handle but a normal us occur attorney has to be nominated by the president confirmed by the senate so two points half or much of what mr muller is doing is the work of the united states attorney's office which underscores the point that he is a principal officer the other half of what is doing chasing the president united states with these broad increased broad areas underscores even further that he's not an inferior employee and assistant united states attorney could no way to muller's doing no way in fact in many respects united states attorney couldn't do what mal is doing man i wish i were involved making these cases i really do i'll be right back.

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