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Podcast lousy limit. I speak for everyone else. But i'm canceling the titans one game in. I'm cancelling them. I know they got a bunch of hype. After the julio jones straight but i think that trade like made everyone forget that the titans roster was really bad going into that trade like before that we were all looking at the roster and like. How did it come to this. And how is this team going to win any games and surprisingly julio jones a player who was unable to solve all the falcons problems was not able to solve all the titans problems tables on both sides of the ball you cowards. They should and it's both sides of the ball now like before. This titans defense is a mess. It we're not gonna talk about it because look at all these shiny parts. They have on offense but shiny parts didn't work in week one and they didn't work for the reasons why feared they would work and todd downing does not very good offense coordinator. I'm not gonna put it all on him because they could not block. Chandler jones taylor lewan had issues with blocking him but my issue with downing is why not give him health like i watched that whole game. They did not give the left tackle. No matter who it was. I think kendall lamb came in for a lewan for like three snaps. Got to immediately got two false starts and gave up a sack and then was replaced by again scandal them but no help. No chips from tight ends not a lot of play action. Only seven point. Eight percent of his drawbacks for replay action. The lowest of his career going back to two thousand sixteen which is the for. And it's not even like it's hard to look at what's happened to ryan tannehill career and be like. I wonder what really helped him there in the most recent years. So i haven't like it's confusing. It was that offense. Tannehill a weird they. They're a bunch of these quarterbacks benefit from these play action heavy offense right shanahan automatons robots baby. Ten hill isn't like the rest of them. Where i feel like he can make a lot of elite throws the touchdown pass. He may day. Aj brown in week one was amazing. Though tight pocket barely any window got hit after he threw the ball. And that's his thing he could stay in the pocket and make a throw downfield. The problem is when he has to think quickly adjust. And when you have to do you have to do that. More in Drop back passing. It like in play action. You had to read more defined and he just can't do it and that was my issue with if they weren't going to run a lot of play action which downing didn't do an oakland. There's going to be problems. And that's what happened against arizona and to add onto that. I thought arthur smith didn't get enough credit for what he did for our country and scheming things up in the run game using receivers as blockers and we did not see that in week one in fact i think i think who jones blocking came under scrutiny to so losing court davis might have been a bigger issue than we thought for the run game. Derrick henry couldn't run and that just caused so many problems that i don't think playing against other defenses is going to solve it. Yeah when you are able to bring wide into block. You bring corners and safeties into the run fit and when corners and safeties half the tackle derrick henry on space. Josh farming gets put on a poster So if you can't do that then it's henry verse linebackers select that you don't like it as much say what you want about. Corey davis compared to julio jones. Obviously in the past game. No comparison. Although i do think davis's underrate as receiver but as a block. Accord davis a dog. Yeah it. Julio jones walker. I don't think julio jones is interested in blocking at this point so they don't have that guy rightfully so and they don't have johnny smith anymore so it kind of messes with their condense formations because they were able to do play action stuff off of that and still blocking the run game now. He can't do either of those things. And now you don't even have arthur smith there to fix it. You have some other offense coordinator who just stepped into his role. We're not. I'm not confident that he's gonna be able to fix this. I very much agree. And they face the seattle offense which they they couldn't stop tyler and now they get big boy cuyler. they get. Who wants to be right. They get russell wilson who the they're still figuring stuff out in the off the ball in terms of what they want to be but russ looks great. I don't know what we have to do. Narrative wise to get like the rush. Mvp hype to actually peak correct times but if he keeps doing five incompletions four touchdowns. Eventually we're going to get right back on this godforsaken conversation of for efficacy. That's but that's every first half of the season like he. I league last year. He had like more touchdowns incompletions for like the first three weeks. But then eventually it breaks and they don't know how to fix it. And that's that's why i'm like pumping the brakes on the seahawks offense. 'cause against the colts. Everything worked like it was supposed to work. What happens when it doesn't work and they can't. It's a bunch on first out because they were running on first down rusted and really get the keys offense. They didn't let him cook until second. And third down I'm here to tell you right now. Stephen we don't care we don't care restaurant we don't care russ ride Okay the final game that we've got in. This segment belongs to the team. That lost the seahawks The colts and the seahawks division rival the rams which ramps are so frigging good against the bears man. I wash that film most recently off so this office. So much fun okay. We just got off of titans. Despair talk so buying or selling at owen into after they lose this game. The rams the indianapolis colts are still the favourite to win the afc south well. I just cancelled tennessee. And i'm obviously not. He's staying there jacksonville to win this. I feel like by default. I'm buying.

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