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But they are just good captivating. But caps can play with them caps. Could be one of those teams that certainly could be a thorn in their side, Boston, another will wait and see how it all pans out. But lightning caps really lived up to expectations. And hopefully, a lot of people got a chance to see. It would not be surprised if those two teams hook up again in the conference final again Leafs. They had lost four. Or five going into the game against the sabres. They beat buffalo four to this game was tied at one late in the second period. So that just couldn't shake the sabers with taken an early one to nothing lead on the middle stat goal. But the Matthews gets a goal early in the second period tied into one into his goal with one twenty eight to go in the second period broke a tie his forty first of the season. And then Toronto own the third period a little bit of a note Alexander knee Lander, of course, the brother of Michael knee Lander or voice, Mike Lee Landers, obviously his dad William knee. Lander is brother gets his first National Hockey League goal on his fifth NHL game. So that's good for buffalo, which is really become a law season. So Toronto stuck his at three we'll keep an eye on that. We'll talk to the shell tomorrow about she certainly watches lot of leaves being up in Toronto. And just what the vibe is for the league's going into the playoffs. But just to look at buffalo for a second. I watched a lot of this game. And I just couldn't help think about what used to be and the optimism. Mm around the sabre team with the ten game winning streak, and I'll think anybody had him pegged as a Stanley Cup contender. But certainly a playoff team when you go back to November and December seem like a possibility in how it's all fallen apart. It'll be very interested to see what the powers that be in buffalo decide to do with Phil Housley in his second year. Two years missing the playoffs miserable. Second half of the year in year, two what they decide to do do. They let them go because he has no history to really go off of this. I head coaching opportunity. I'm not sure what the Buffalo Sabres are going to do. I think there's I'm not going to say that. There's too much talent for them to be where they are necessarily. But at what point is this sabre team just gonna start moving in the right direction. And when do you start pulling certain strings to get the people around the players to get those players better. And we'll see how it works out for buffalo during the off season. But what a shame a team that out of ten game winning streak. It's he and the really look like they were going to attend now too. Games under NHL five hundred thirty one thirty three and.

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