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Oregon State and Washington State, what's left in the Conference of Champions. Today, Stanford and California, along with Southern Methodist, accepted invitations to join the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2024. In Corvallis, Oregon State Athletic Director Scott Barnes called the move regrettable, but not unexpected. And the Beaver Sports programs have some irons in the fire. We're in a unique circumstance where we can't share a lot of information. come to an end. It's highly complex negotiations are going on and certainly everybody Everybody wants continued clarity. Reports indicate both OSU and Washington State are in talks with the Mountain West and American athletic conferences. All of that and college football schedules kick off tomorrow for the WSU Cougars at Colorado State. Washington has a 1230 home game against Boise State. Tonight the Mariners launch a key road trip against the New York Mets. With 29 games left to go in regular the season Seattle shares the A .L. West lead with Houston. Jared Kelnick went one for three in a seniors injury rehab assignment. Tacoma tonight hosts Sugar Land again. Sports with sports at 40 10 and after the hour. Northwest News Radio. It's now 2 12. Dangerous rip currents are forcing the closure of some East Coast beaches on one of the busiest holiday weekends of the year. ABC's Dave Packer reports. Huge waves and dangerous rip currents along the entire U .S. East Coast this Labor Day weekend. A factor of Atlantic storms getting the blame. Hurricane Franklin is churning in the Atlantic along with the remnants of Hurricane Adelia and Tropical Storm Jose all bringing storm surges in North Carolina. Waves could be as high as 11 feet. Dangerous rip currents which can pull swimmers out to sea forcing the closure of ocean beaches on New York's Long Island. In Maine waves could top seven feet. Dave Packer, ABC News. If you're hosting a family gathering this holiday weekend you'll notice it's going to cost a lot more than last for year some of those barbecue staples. Come before Steve McCarron breaks down the surprising numbers. Walk down any grocery store ahead of the upcoming holiday weekend. You're likely going to feel some sticker shock as you cross things off your list. The price for zucchini is about 16 % higher than a year ago. Potato chips up 12%. Soda and ketchup about 5 % more and hamburgers up 4%. For a lot of folks who have been riding this wave I think a lot of folks become have a little more desensitized to the ups and downs of the pricing changes and so I think if most folks want celebrate to Labor Day with a barbecue they're going to do it anyway. But data analyst Dallin Hatch tells me there are ways some to save organize a potluck instead of doing everything yourself. Use products you already have on hand or buy off -brand products at the store instead of those big names that often cost you more. Thankfully Hatch says inflation is starting to slow on many of the goods that we all buy. The net net here is that you know I think we're entering into what will eventually be a new normal probably more steady pricing wherever that lands and slower increases of pricing. According to e -commerce accelerator pattern which looked at online pricing data mostly from Seattle based Amazon you may have a cheaper time hitting campsites and trails this Labor Day instead of hosting that barbecue. you. The cost of water purifiers down about 11 % compared to a year ago. Hiking boots down 9%. Tents about 5 % less and headlamps and hammocks seeing overall drops too. The key takeaway here is if you want to get outside this Labor Day weekend you're you're going to find a cheaper time getting the supplies to do that and also there's chance a you may see fewer people out on the trail. The weather for those outdoor excursions should be perfect for at least one this day weekend. Just remember to play it safe. Steve LaCara. Come on in. At 2 14 it's time to check the roads from the high -performance homes traffic center. Here's Kimmy Klein In Seattle watch her new crash being reported on the eastbound 520 exit to Montlake. It's a little crowded heading away from I 5 there westbound 520 though is what's busy for Montlake trying to get onto I 5 because I 5 is so slow especially in the southbound direction anywhere between Northgate and I 90. On the east side southbound 405 is heavy the whole between stretch 520 and sunset in Renton. We're also very slow today getting between Everton Marysville on north I'm 5

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