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The SUV identified as Sherry Vasquez was being chased by police, she's being charged so far with driving negligently and leaving the scene. That could be other charges coming as well. The ACLU of Massachusetts says its lawsuit against the Trump administer. Nations practice of separating married couples seeking legal immigration status can now move forward as a class action Rhode Island resident and quad Damola native Lillian called her own who was arrested by ice officials last year is the lead plaintiff. The ACLU says the decision regarding the lawsuit by federal judge means the impact of the case extends to hundreds of thousands of citizens, and their non-citizens spouses, a Rhode Island state police trooper was honored yesterday for heroin at during the two thousand seventeen Las Vegas, mass shooting, detective Conor O'Donnell was given a service ribbon highest honor for a state trooper during an annual ceremony held during national police week. House speaker Nancy Pelosi is blasting Alabama's new law that outlaws nearly all abortions to win specifically as we have seen an Alabama heartbreaking unconstitutional assault on basic reproductive freedoms talking with reporters at the capitol yesterday. The California Democrat said, Dem's across. The country need to be vigilant. President Trump is predicting a short run for democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio. I can't believe it. The worst bear the history of New York City, and without question, the worst spare the United States is down running for president, it will never happen. I'm pretty good at predicting big play. Dan in a video posted on Twitter. President Trump said he would be very surprised to see the New York City mayor in the race for a long time, he also said, if voters like high taxes and crime to Blasios their guy. The house is expected to vote today on a Bill, banning LGBTQ discrimination. The democratic measure would expand the landmark Civil Rights Act, which was approved in nineteen sixty four house speaker Nancy Pelosi says this legislation is important for America. Newsradio nine twenty one zero four seven FM sports. The Bruins had Beck to the Stanley Cup final after completing a four-game sweep of the hurricanes with a four to nothing win in game four of the east finals at Carolina. Bruins will take on either San Jose Sharks, or the St Louis blues next the Red Sox were off last night. They welcomed the AL west leading Ezra's to Fenway park tonight..

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