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Car if it's way car is best as if it's mild dot com today Carlos Ramirez WTO B traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter Our mix of light rain and sleet will be changing over to all light wet snow during the early morning hours as temperatures fall into the low to mid 30s by daybreak Periods of light to sometimes moderate wet snow in the morning will be ending by mid afternoon total accumulations of a coating to about two inches mostly on grassy areas otherwise chilly damp and raw today with highs in the mid 30s to near 40 Monday very cold with icy spots in the morning then mostly sunny brisk and chilly the rest of the day highs in the mid 30s sunny on Tuesday loaded at 40s I'm a store team four meteorologist man bitter 37° outside the WTO studios brought to you by long fence 20% off savings on fences decks and pavers Go to longfins dot com and schedule your free estimate today It's four ten a teen and dumfries has been charged with bringing a gun to school Police received a tip he had the weapon with him at Garfield high school Thursday morning When a school resource officer found him there was a struggle over the kids backpack Police say once the officer got the bag he discovered the firearm inside Officers charged the team with possessing a firearm on school property A former teacher at D.C.'s prestigious Duke Ellington school of the arts is speaking out claiming he was silenced as he tried to stop an alleged child predator Former teacher Kenneth Carroll tells NBC four he tried to shed light on sexual abuse allegations against one of his colleagues but that Carol was forced to resign That was the decision made that I needed to go because I wouldn't keep quiet I was gonna be a problem as long as he was there We are not naming the teacher who's been accused because he has not been charged with a crime He's accused of sexually abusing at least two students between 2004 in 2018 before resigning in 2019 The former principle told NBC four they don't recall the details surrounding Carol's departure from the school or whether it was related to his persistence regarding the allegations against his colleague It's still by far a seller's market in our region but some types of homes are more popular overall right now There are certain markets that are less active than others Right now in the region you can expect the most competition among single-family homes in town homes with condos overall moving slower You might see one bedroom condos sitting on the market whereas a three bedroom single-family home ends up with 20 offers and gone in one day With compass realty says absorption rates show that those reveal how long it would take the current home inventory to dry up if no new listings happen and in our area that number for D.C. is over a month and a half fairfax and Montgomery counties just over a month but with the booming single-family and townhome market those same areas would see listings dry up in less than a month The push to make COVID shots available across all racial and ethnic communities appears to be working when it comes to looking at who's getting the vaccines but not so much when it comes to getting boosted Among vaccinated adults we have the same rates of primary series in our white communities as our black communities as our Hispanic and Latino communities Doctor Rochelle Walensky is director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a form hosted by the COVID-19 vaccine education and equity project She says more remains to be done with kids and boosters We still see this discrepancy in percent of our population that are boosted and are vaccinated among our young Christy king Fairfax county school leader say that they have a plan to roll back masks on campus and it comes as Richmond lawmakers move toward a bill that could make their policy moot Fairfax can a school say once COVID transmission rates drop to moderate and stay there for 7 consecutive days masks will become optional Virginia's House of delegates will soon vote on a bill that would let families opt out of mask mandates despite what school systems say governor youngkin has said he'd sign it and with emergency provisions it could take effect later this month Fairfax schools say once it's rolled back plan begins COVID testing for students will only be available during periods of moderate substantial.

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