Dorothy Parker discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show


There we have it there's that i think it's a dorothy parker quote like right to write is awful having written is wonderful yeah and i agree with that like when i've gotten something down i'm like there's no better feeling but going through it it's just a fight this fight i have to figure out different like physical ways to put myself is that right in the space to like get stuff going yeah all pile up the the quote unquote real excuses yeah to put in between myself and the writing but when i do hunker down i actually love it more than everything really do love it yeah i do i do but i but mostly i'm writing fiction for scripts yeah as opposed to trying to create carve out and evolve the next hour of stand up yeah it it so i found more joy in inscriptions yeah i find i find them both i mean i'm doing them constantly no both at the same time like that's the one thing that i've been trying to work on his being having multiple things that i need to create in four different worlds and being able to shift from them like even in the same day you know i find that to be like fascinating like all right we have to just right now we're in this project and it's not my stand up anymore but it's not the movie it's the tv you know do we think it's just the.

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