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You got to an event haillan you had a chuck berry you had a jimi hendrix whoa we didn't when i was a kid we didn't see that as black white we saw it as rock and roll who sought his you know someone playing a guitar doing it really really well and you think about it because you've you've well you know he the progressive thought the progressive thought of today's trying to classify everything we didn't classify music when i was growing on it was just music now i listen to it it was music to tell me who worthy who are the troop progressives out there if you're talking about progress of being a positive thing right we should embrace everything that comes from music or we should classify it and then accused people have cultural appropriation because your skin color happens to be this or you're not allowed to play the how how bigoted how intolerant how dare you appreciate something that somebody else did but if you don't appreciate it that you're also arrest for us why there is i mean i i just before me the breaking down you know those think because that was for us we didn't have the we didn't have mtv we didn't have those you know video and the or a youtube now that you can just basically pull it up and get a whole playlist you know yourself of those performances you you had to go to s you know very specific areas uh to get them or wait for them to be on on tv somewhere in a somewhat to actually a performance someone to you to make an appearance uh on a tv show or for someone to show a concert had an orgy he think that who'd he should be playing country music um i don't know.

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