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Okay but definitely more thoughts on this one than josh. Did i like it. I you know i think like i said there's no no physical resemblance to these two but i just think they their personality in the characters they always play. It definitely embodies me. Someting either go jason. Bateman or adam. Scott oh country. I think there's a little sarcasm. You know a little bit of a douchebag to both of them but they're kind of you know quick talking and they can kind of they can kind of be charming in their own little way so those are definitely the two guys that i said no physical resemblance but there are some movies. I think josh would agree. That like the bateman hairdryer especially. It's like oh that's that's jordan to a t. Basically or some of the lines. They would say over sure well. Sometimes there's certain times where you're adam scott stepbrothers for sure is definitely definitely times the fake ads and all that. Yeah have you had a carb since two thousand four.

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