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Are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. It's strange public resources, and drives down jobs and wages. Among those hardest. Hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans are southern border is a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs, including meth heroin cocaine and sentinel. True. And that was a very powerful powerful. Powerful line super super powerful line. And that they had that the president had in his remarks last night. Anyway. That in this. I think those were the things that was the difference between how he laid out. The plan and how Democrats talked about it. Because Democrats were just hateful. Do we have hang on? We got so much support dimension to that in order for the Democrats message, wouldn't you know, they're trying to oppose Trump. They would have to be able to say that nobody's ever been killed by illegal immigration or no one's ever been raped or no one's ever been victimized. And in fact, they can't say that obviously. So you know, what amazes me is when they actually did say that it was a manufactured crisis last night. And I thought that was one of the worst. And if Republicans were smart, they would be hammering that right now because I don't know how you can talk to Kayla Cuevas his family and say that what happened to their child is manufactured or what happened to the officer who is slain or what happened to Jimmy Shaw junior would happen to the other young woman who was down there in to Houston, Texas or the families in New Jersey MS thirteen who entered illegally in stock across the border. I mean, they've told officers this before over and over again in the media is just making all the effort to marry their messaging up with Dem's messaging in spite of the fact that it's not true. And a Kosta I have cut six hundred if you want to hear that or not. But this is just an example of what the media was doing after I want to get to that. But but this I want to the difference between because I want to get to that. And then we're talking about that Lexi courthouse thing the the difference came down to and I'm curious as to what you guys think. Eight four four three or four four Dana it came down to who sold who who won in making the case for their message. All Trump had to do was make the case that this is a crisis situation, and for all the people out there who say, otherwise, well, I mean, you have a record number of migrant families that are crossing the border even USA today was forced as was forced to report this. This was just this morning. They were forced to actually report the numbers the number of individuals that were crossing the border in December border patrol agents. It was close to thirty thousand people. Illegally across the border thirty thousand people. The approximate numbers twenty seven thousand five hundred eighteen that and this is from department of homeland security border patrol and ice that figure has steadily climbed for five months now, five months. So when people say, it is a manufactured crisis. I want you to go down there as I have done, and I want you to talk to these border patrol agents people like arts Quito who's been down there and trying to do everything he can to keep the morale of the men and women who are at the but there at the border trying to keep the morale up, and as they work super long days. I mean, the hours that these people are insane because there's not an upward or patrol agents. When we were down there. I talked to one agent and this was in Rio Grande valley, and I forget how many miles he told me that he personally alone himself was responsible for it was an ungodly amount. Now when I went down there the the first time I went down. There was early in the morning, and it was down there about four in the morning. And this was after they already had a bunch of people illegally cross they were hiding in the brush and all of that stuff. And they thought that it had to do with. They thought that that was a distraction for a drug crossing. Because when and he just happened to have someone else within there that day that which you know, it would have just been him. And it's a very dangerous situation for a lot of these agents, and they were fired on by cartels and coyotes just from across the river. They were fired on our border patrol agents were shot at. And that's not a manufactured crisis. And if you think that it's not dangerous everyone thinks that the border, and it's always these people who've never been there. The border isn't just a little tiny the border, isn't, you know, the rivers not huge not like the Mississippi River down there. The part of the border where I was at. I could have easily just kind of hop skip and jump right over to Mexico. Nobody would have ever been the wiser except Mexico would have detained me because they don't play with that stuff. But yet were expected to that's not a manufactured crisis. These are real things. And I don't understand why they're so against it. Now, speaking of the media's Kansas brought up this is how Jim Acosta, by the way. This was the equivalent of the jerk store called by George Costanza. This is how Jim Acosta immediately. This was what his first report to Chris Cuomo. At CNN listen to this. Why Chris I think that that address probably should've come with a surgeon general's warning. It was hazardous to the truth. There were there were a number of claims that the president made in that speech that just are not going to stand up to the facts, you you mentioned a couple of them.

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