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To to heat these folks moving in and then i visited a to other congregations where the the response responses very different these people are saying is has followers of jesus we believe in welcoming and the stranger and and these people from syria clearly are fleeing in a life threatening situations and of course we should do our best to make until welcome in our community one of the one of the captors held up this little yellow plastic bowl filled with coins and and said you know one of his cog members of his congregational little five year old girl had had collected the coins to pass along to this new family that she knew was arriving so we sometimes stereotype people from other parts of the country and believe that they all think a certain way but but what i found with a lot of diversity in a lot of compassion yes and then another revolution that i'm happy to hear about has to do with fracking that there are some communities that i would not necessarily would have thought would be rejecting fracking but they are tell us what they're doing well i found a places all over the country where the communities are doing their best to keep the fracking out in with success sometimes not but the story that i i was most interested in in north dakota the turtle mountain chippewa reservation the an elder from the reservation together to women and said it's it's the women's responsibility in our tradition to take care of the water so we need to understand what this fracking thing is it's coming to our state and and they got together and did some research and get very alarmed at the implications where what it could do to their water but also what could do to their way of life to have a big oil boom and all the oil workers coming in and pollution that results but also the human trafficking that has come with it and and crime in some parts of north dakota.

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