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Serious illness and hospitalization and covert patients when administered before the patient has to go to the hospital. And it's free to all americans just like the vaccine so props for calling out corruption. But please don't compare this lifesaving. Monoclonal antibody treatment two hydroxy chlorof- crap. We need to make sure as many humans as possible. Get the vaccine and also encourage humans who catch cova to get this treatment a sap. It's another tool to flatten the curve by keeping folks out of the hospital. I don't want people dying. Just because if you assholes are being plagued profiteers keep speaking truth to power and weaponized humor against fascism. You're doing important work and the world is a better place because of you in the community built. Yes i agree. I think what dan was saying when she was comparing this to the hydroxy chloroquine fiasco isn't that one was effective in one wasn't but more along the lines of the corruption of it and lining their pockets. But very very good point. We should make that clarification for pet tax. She says and what the mutt. I present the following obsidian my awesome kitty. Who rescued me. Eleven years ago. He's the best master. A crazy cat lady could ask for. I'm going to switch up my. What the mutt submission though. It's pretty obvious. This little dude as a toy poodle but can you guess his name. Oh what's the matz name. We have a new game. My neighbor was walking him in as soon as she told me his name. I asked if i could send a pic of him because it was too awesome not to answer below. I told his human about the daily being so hopefully have a new listener to thanks for being awesome sending lots of love and hugs looking guinea. This the kitty sitting on a paper plate. Oh my goodness dude. I think this is a he He looks like he has a man face. But what an adorable boy. Okay the name of this dog. Let's see let me open up. This photo so i can get a better. Look here okay. Toy poodle what is the dog's name Gosh could be anything. Let me see if there's any clues here in the in the wind up. It's pretty obvious as a toy poodle. Can you guess his name. As soon as she told me his name. I asked if i send a pic of him because it was too awesome. Not to gosh I you know what i give up. Let's see let's see what his name is being all right. I should've i should've guessed. Yeah i'm not on top of my game today. Next up from paul and him. Hello alison dana and amy. This week we welcome to new member to our family. Our niece sydney moved in with my wife and me july in preparation to attend the school of the art institute in chicago. Awesome school little. Did we know she would soon be joined by a friend. We lost our beloved gracie of beautiful maine. Coon cat a few weeks ago to illness. We were shockingly down to only one cat. At our high point we had six. Sydney had also lost her cat smudge back in june. So we all agreed. It was time for a new member of household on thursday. We took a trip to the local shelter and after meeting. Several adorable kitties we bundled up luigi and brought him home to his new home as pat tax including pictures of gracie. We miss you luigi and luigi meeting. His older sister l. louise nose to nose. Luckily through a screen there's been a little hissing l. Louise is not impressed with louise. Youthful exuberance and energy but his tolerating him also. I have a place named to share in july. We rented a house in chena lakes in northern illinois. On lake pass tacky we had been pronouncing it piss tacky until we ran into a local. Who asked where we were staying with much disdain. He corrected us and let us know. The correct pronunciation is the stack pistachio with a extra nasal early midwestern. Long a in opa pistachios. Oh gotcha in the middle syllable. Thanks for all you do day in day out. It's really important. I can tell how important is by how much i miss it. If one of you has gone for a day or two. I'm sorry. I'm doing this by myself on your big news. Read here paul..

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