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Janice has more 40 point games in the finals, then Kevin Durant. Steph Curry. Kobe Bryant. Tim Duncan. Larry Bird. Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the NBA's all time leading scorer. And then also Wilt Chamberlain. I will repeat that. Yeah, NIST has more 40 point games. Then every single man that I just mentioned Okay? Not not crazy. Enough of a stat for you for Yannis Hotel company. He is the second player now in NBA history to record back to back games of 40 plus points and 10 rebounds in the finals. You want to know the other guy? The first guy. His name. I'd say the most dominant man that I've ever watched play basketball against comparable competition. Shaquille O'Neal. You've got to go back to the year 2000. 43 points, 19 rebounds. The second game, 40 points 24 rebounds That was in the year 2000. 21 years later. The honest company joins him. And this is the other thing. It's one thing to be put in the category. With Shaquille O'Neal. If you're young company It's another thing. When Yanis is being asked about Michael Jordan. Why is that you might remember even though it was in a loss. Janice dropped 20 points in the third quarter, the game prior to last night. Okay. That was the third most in the finals quarter. Since Michael Jordan did it in 1993. And you know what? Janice after back to back 40 Point games, he was asked about Michael Jordan. Doing it for consecutive times in 1993 and Yon is pretty much said Look, I'm not thinking about Michael Jordan listen to what he had to say. I'm not. I'm not Michael Jordan. Oh, 4 40 points in a straight to border row. Yeah, that up. No, I'm not Michael Jordan. Uh huh. But you know all I care about right now it's Get it. One more, That's all..

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