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Laurie Laughlin and to SAT or ACT examine administrators among those facing charges of what's being dubbed operation varsity blues Laughlin and her husband allegedly paid five hundred thousand dollars in bribes loving said all of the parents knew their kids were cheating on the ACT, and or SAT entrance tests or creating bogus sports profiles to get to the college through a sports team. Britain's parliament rejecting the latest plan to leave the European Union. Today's Brexit vote comes less than three weeks before the UK schedule. The end its four decade membership in the trading block in January. Parliament voted down the deal Prime Minister Theresa may negotiated with the EU over two years. Parliament will now vote to leave the EU on March the twenty ninth without a withdrawal agreement or to extend the pullout date, the White House not in favor of grounding, Boeing seven thirty-seven MA X eight at least for now max aids for now press secretary, Sarah Sandras told Fox News. It's too early in the process to take that step following Sunday's deadly crash of one of the aircraft in Ethiopia. Sandra said, the FAA and transportation department conducting an extensive review of what happened growing number of countries, including the UK, Germany and Australia have banned the model from their airspace. Senate minority leader New York Senator Chuck Schumer says he will wait for special counsel. Robert Muller's final report before deciding if President Trump should be removed from office. I think that we both believe that the Muller report, we should wait for the Muller reports, she just commented on what her standard would be once the mall. Report comes out house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump not worth impeachment. But some Democrats have already called to impeach the president more than a million Honda and Acura models in the United States being recalled for faulty airbags vehicles in the latest recall previously repaired, but the replacement parts were found to be potentially defective after one exploded and injured the driver.

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