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Try to take this serious logic. This work win Travolta walks in at the end. I just spent like an hour and a half of watching him be the bad guy. I don't like him at this point. I want nNcholas cage to walk like, I think that would have been risky ending. Sorry. Can't swap faces. But Societa Nick age with the good guy by the end of the spill. So I just feel creepy when Travolta walks in and I'll smile like this really long slow reveal the shadow passing the windows who's gonna walk in the dorm like you. It's the creepy guy that wanted to fuck is daughter that had to be the ending. I mean, I was stunned that he was able to get his face back so easy. Like oh. This didn't matter at all. Obviously the transformation is that every time. He looks in this face. He's going to have to see the man that killed his child and learned to be okay with it. That's. Called healing. That's what a character would do when they get through trauma steady. Just doesn't get the scar. Put back on we found some random plastic surgeon in LA, and I love the fact is wife didn't even go like she's at home. What is more important than your husband getting his face put back on? But she's at home knitting or something it's black ops. They may not even let her know where it's happening. Oh, please. Whatever you're on apologised for terrible film. He comes sound during in Travolta. And I just again with Adam I can't believe this movie is so uncall- now. How would you have felt about this Jacob because what the screenwriters had is after all of this lovey dovey? Here's the sun, kissed the wife stuff Travolta that goes into his bedroom. Looks in the mirror and sees castor. Troy something anything like it would have felt like this whole body. Swap mattered. I don't know what it means to it your last gig link. Does it mean he's Castro? Maybe does it mean. He's become Castro. Maybe doesn't mean he's lost his mind. Maybe i'd. I don't know. But that was going to be the nebulous ending the the writers wanted studio. And who is like, no, let's just give them the happy ending yet. You know, it's a happy ending the music starts for the credits. I'm like did. I just watch period piece romance. What is this music? I've didn't even notice the music. I've just concerned how can John Travolta have stubble minutes after they put his face on the use the laser to put it there. Just like his stare can't laser grow hair. All right. Well, let's see if any EROs flip like faces here. Jacob Stuart which face you putting on for faceoff. Jacob. Here's the struggle. I had like I'm looking at this film when I try to like just rate something like on letterbox or give it a number rating. I try to be more objective and go Kay. Well, here's the acting. And then okay, I did have a little bit of fun here. So maybe that's worth half star here like this film. I just giggled the hallway through and had a fun time probably really bad film. Probably. Not a great action film. I don't know. But I had a lot of fun during it now. I know not everyone's going to have that fun because my wife is sitting next to me. And all she kept repeating was over other come up what's going on. Now. That's all she sets out this film. I totally baffled. I knew what I was getting into. I think this would make a great midnight movie. Get the crowds there. Every time finger waterfall happens. Start singing TLC's don't go chasing waterfalls when the daughter at the ends like so what please tell me what planet I'm on. You can all like yellow planet. I wrote down every things repeatedly going through here that you can make a drinking game out of something. This is a fun party movie. Is it a great action film? I'm gonna probably say, no. But I have a lot of fun watching it laughing through it because of just how absurd over the top in Campi how everything turned out whether that was intentional or not gonna go with Brown aero because I don't think this is a good movie, but I do recommend it so Brown ERO Stuart thank God. Because again, I've yet to hear someone that could say this is good..

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