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About your your lady. You'RE A lady. Your Middle Finger is longer than your third finger. Then you're more likely to die of colonel or less. I can't remember state depends where you start counting. I guess yea from the measure from the baser or I started the taint it has to do something with testosterone. Oh always start from the balls. Otherwise it doesn't count for the balls doesn't count. That's that's yeah in these troubled times. I think I'm about nine hands tall. If I was a horse I'd be a kings arm. Yeah Kings Really. Make them happen again. As a unit of measurement. Is it like a Cuban? Yeah it's basically. Yeah so this is not I am not. This is not what would that. No I thought I thought it was elbow Max. Maximum about measurements. What's the cubit beats me you know about? Arc's I probably I. It was probably one of those things I had to learn Hebrew school. I think what is a cubit? What Cube it? Let's learn about Cuba. It's yeah I with you Anderson you're saying instead of having to equal to the length of a four kings arm accumulated equal the length of a forum. This is a cubit so instead of having some globalist one gram unit that sitting under a Bell Jar in France. Let's pay savannah change ally but it didn't have with the space shuttle where they messed up. Alexander's and their famous. Sorry Alex Cox isn't their famous story about them messing up a SPEC for something on the space shuttle where one group had it in metric and the other headed imperial or something. I are we talking about this. The challenger the sad rubberband story. Or I don't know why you think I know about spaceships space person with that haircut. I do and I'm really not space night and you thought about. Have you thought about becoming a nut? Have you thought about becoming like a civil war buff or maybe like like a pop? Science can turns out person. You think he'd enjoy Shankar. Vidana would you like to become a turns out person? What do you aspire to be? Yeah I well there's also different genres of turns out people. Now there's a Merlin turns out where it's like. You know how you should completely clean out your inbox that I definitely said exactly that ten years ago well actually and Malcolm glad well like And there's me I guess which is like an imperial furio says slash teenage military boy type of luck. Where I'm like I know a metric. Your metric furious cornered the market on something where it's nobody knows about it but it's easy to know about which I think are the to. Nobody knows about things because they're difficult to know about it. So I tried to become Benjamin Harrison expert for this very purpose and appeared in a documentary about him. But the trouble is like. There's not a lot to know about him but I still don't fully know most of it so they had like one line. I'd like I'd really into a custom windbreaker with Benjamin Harrison on it and I asked credited as Benjamin Harrison busiest appear to live. Yeah he was married. And that's it off but I have two things that I think are facts that I know about him. One of which is that he was twenty third. President actually three six three six. He was twenty two president Clinton and his family and he was called the pious moonlight dude when he went courting. And that's it that property investor protection. Okay that's GonNa Benjamin Harrison fact but yeah. I didn't know any of those things. So that's the log line. Now he's different from William Henry Harrison. The President I believe I believe Benjamin Harrison is the only president from Indiana Immune because we go to Indianapolis for for Gaming Convention every year? And there's unusual and there's an unusual amount of Benjamin Harrison sort of plaques and memorabilia so I've sort of extrapolated from that he's got to be the only if they had a better president than you'd see more middle. The Predator like to be called the general my you rape stone in his house. They have an impersonator like they really go for. Benjamin you can three D. landed in plastic. 'cause they have a free template online? The Benjamin Harrison historical site is really trying to make inroads the future. Good for them. Oh my gosh for going to do it why not lean into it really? What did he do and during his Presidency Olive? The Sherman Antitrust Act. I think during him but I could be wrong about it if you did a lot of the stuff with National Park. The Teddy Roosevelt gets credit for okay. Oh Teddy still valor. In that case Gave some lectures about how women might get vote soon. So here's some stuff. They should know about civic duty. I think was the reply. Get teammate try to help again. He was explained. Splaine guys always doing. This is how you punch the card you know and I think we all could use a little bit of that now like this is how you put on the stamp. This is the voter fraud. That's going to happen right. Oh you Alexandra you seem to not live your life on twitter. But you're very good on twitter. I and there was the wonderful Cova. Did know what was it. A Cova or a vote thing that twitter called trump out. Oh yeah it was coding thing. He's like it had. The mods spoke for the first time. Somebody somebody caught. Somebody called the lifeguard normal person on the on a forum where people were like. I modified this recipe and it didn't work out for me. Like just think how much the MAS would be fed up with their by now they just feel like this guy again like you can't believe it's weird like this is the first time and not like. Oh you know coming. Let's remember our Second Amendment folks. I hope they show up at this event and are you accused of Joe. Scarborough of like murdering an intern. Weekly thing like everyone was like no..

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