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The Ted Williams tunnel could be a good alternate Fauria Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the three now the WBZ four day accu weather forecast as we check in live with WBZ accu weather meteorologist Bob Larson with the cold weather the centurion of the deal sunshine a high of thirty eight to forty two and that's not all that cold because the wind makes it feel colder real feel temperatures in the twenties busking cold tonight partly cloudy lo twenty of the suburbs twenty eight the city a chilly start to the weekend tomorrow partly sunny breezy I thirty five to thirty nine forty as sunshine on Sunday high near forty milder weather on Monday increasing cloudiness high up to near fifty Monday afternoon I'm accu weather meteorologist Bob Larson WBZ Boston news radio few clouds around the Boston right now cold out there still just thirty one degrees it's twelve twenty five a WBZ news radio and it's time for New England business and here's Jeff Ballenger this week's stock market slide has been painful for nearly all investors and companies Boston business journal reports the fifty biggest firms in Massachusetts lost about ninety five billion dollars in market value over the last four trading days Cambridge based more sana therapeutics posted a fourth quarter loss of thirty four cents a share on revenue of forty two thousand dollars H. C. Wainwright and Mizuho are maintaining their neutral ratings on sage therapeutics but both brokerages lowered their price targets on the Cambridge based company I'm Bloomberg's Jeff Bollinger with New England business on WBZ Boston news radio at twelve twenty six over one hundred ninety thousand cars and minivans from kia motors facing recalls over problems that could lead to engine fire this is the second recall from kia in less than a month and the latest in a series of problems for the south Korean automaker engine failure and fire problems with kia's and Hyundai's have affected more than six million vehicles since twenty fifteen according to federal regulators included in the recall twenty thirteen and fourteen Optimus kisses a fuel hose can deteriorate and crack due to engine heat which can cause fires another recall covers twenty eleven and twelve Sedona minivan we're a fuel injector can crack from exposure to heat causing a ghastly the recall start April sixteenth Dario opener ABC news also major wireless carriers could be facing a massive fine for selling information about where you are at any given moment that FCC fine would hit eighteen T. sprint T. mobile and Verizon for reported two hundred million dollars selling location data that information goes to people like app makers who obviously want to pinpoint where you are they hope that you'll buy whatever they're selling in one case the New York times reported that a law enforcement agency use data illegally to track down the suspect without a warrant back in twenty eighteen FCC commissioners are expected to vote on the find today.

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