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You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show. Now here's Kevin hurting wording gold from the takes the snap looks right they left. And and it is Short San Francisco and New Orleans Saints and Dan with that Kirk cousins had engineered his fourteenth fourth quarter or overtime game winning drive. And some of you thought. It was the first this time he had done it. Aaron sear. I'm here Ross. Tucker is GONNA join us here very shortly to go over all for an F. L. playoff games and they were great this week in all four four of them coming down to the final two minutes she had to overtime games including the Minnesota win in New Orleans to knock out drew brees and the saints. You know those lazy easy incorrect narratives that some of you don't even know are in corrected by the way that's what makes them lazy have been have been following kirk cousins career career since the day he took over in Twenty fifteen is a starter in Washington. You've been annoying in this conversation that we've had over the last several years because because you've been incorrect so often and yes I'll admit up front. I've been a little annoying as well in this conversation. I've never taken it personally. I hope you haven't either But I am going to gloat a little bit today because that was despite all of the other fourth quarter game winning drives he's had and and again yesterday was his fourteenth not his first yesterday was the moment. Even I can admit that it came in the biggest of stakes games on the road against an opponent that was an eight point favorite the biggest favourite of the weekend were the saints In a place. It's very difficult to win against a team. That's been very very good this year. Thirteen win team with a hall of fame quarterback and Kirk cousins played. Well he did play. Well you know I. I heard a lot of conversation During the game You know on twitter and with various friends who were texting me. That said Kirk looks tight. He's not playing well and I'm like what are talking about. The man converted eight third down throws in the game for for for conversions. That that move the sticks was he spectacular spectacular. No did the defense lead Minnesota. That win absolutely was Dalvin. Cook Sensational in the first half. He was twelve carries ten yards words in the second half. They did not have a running game in the second half Did Mike Zimmer a call exceptional game defensively he did did he get way too conservative late. I think he did and I thought we were headed towards a loss. And then I'd have to come in here with my. You know Aaron what I do when Kirk Loses. It's my list of excuses after all of the reasons why he lost and I will tell you this if they had lost that game in regulation or in overtime like if New Orleans had won the coin toss and had gone down there and scored I and Minnesota never touch the ball. In overtime. I would have blamed Mike Zimmer more than anybody else. He got way too conservative assertive in the fourth quarter with a twenty two ten lead and at twenty two seventeen lead and if you want to say that he didn't trust cousins and he was afraid cousins might make a tragic mistake. That's fine and I sort of sensed that. Maybe that's the way he was feeling. I think Mike Zimmer is just a conservative coach by nature. He relies on his defense. The defense that's been very sporadic all year long but yesterday was outstanding without pass rush especially considering that they had to secondary guys out and and then Xavier Rhodes got hurt during the game It was their defense. It was Dalvin Cook. But Kirk cousins had a hell of a game and that was even before the Overtime drama where he delivered on that drive four of five including the big one to feeling that set up the game winner to Rudolph which I will now address right now that was offensive. Pass interference. It was it should have been called. It doesn't always get called almost never gets called. No that sort of extension of the arm gets called a lot. I I don't know if it's I don't know what the percentages are. I would say that that extension of the arm the way he extended the armed create. The space probably gets called fifty eighty percent of the time forty percent of the time. I'll give you worse case. It's a subjective thing. I think it if if it flagged it I would never had said even though I. I was rooting for the Vikings that that was an awful call what I am glad about. However is that when it went to New York into L.? Riverine they did not overturn that call because because they haven't all year long that was offensive. Pass interference in my opinion. We see a GIG called. Sometimes we get a get a ignored Nord A lot of the time as well. I don't know fifty fifty sixty forty whatever you think it was. If it had been flagged no one would have been shocked. The fact that it wasn't flagged lagged no one was shocked it goes to New York we've seen all year. They haven't overturned calls like that and they didn't yesterday in New Orleans of all places the irony of all of that. How about this? In the last two weeks the rule that was created to appease the whining New Orleans franchise franchise and their fan base. A rule that we knew back in August was problematic and was going to be an issue for the League to administer and manage all year long and it's been a disaster disaster in the way this has been implemented It how ironic is that. Last week they failed to review review a clear defensive pass interference against Seattle in the end zone that would have created a first and goal and probably lead to a Seattle win which would have made New Orleans a top two seed and they wouldn't have been playing yesterday and then in the playoff game in the same place where it happened last year and offensive pass. Interference did get get reviewed. There was some talk that it hadn't been reviewed. Of course they did review it but Al Reverend essentially saying this was the kind of subjective. Call that we do not overturn. That's not what the rule was intended to do on a play like that. Excellent game excellent win major career moment for Kirk cousins Even even though the narrative about him not performing in the Clutch Clutch has gotten incredibly Twisted and has been very incorrect and lazy over the ears but yesterday was obviously in a playoff game his first playoff win against the thirteen and three team on the road against that particular team and playing the way he did. And especially Ashley in overtime engineering. That last drive to win the game was a career moment. Kennedy keep it going Yes he can there only a six and a half point underdog at San Francisco. It's kyle against Kirk Boy If you're a redskin fan and you hated Bruce. Allin Dan Snyder and what they've done to this organization understand. Stand this even. If you're not a cousins fan or a Shanahan fan what they are going to have to to live through next Saturday afternoon. That game is gut rich wrenching to them. They they want those people to fail. They tried to they. Did they. Bad mouth them on the way out of town they bad mouth them while they were here. It's the petty Low rent way in which this operation has been run over the years and if you dislike the people that are running this organization and one of the people that just got fired from this organization. Trust me they were not rooting for her cousin. Yesterday they want him to fail. They went kyle title Shanahan to fail. The two of them will face off next week. What about all of the other games? Let's bring in Ross Tucker Ross. Of course you know played in Washington for for a period of time knows the redskins and of course knows the NFL really well and we've had him on the podcast before and always enjoy his visit. And you have you got a million podcast yourself. I mean you're the king of PODCASTS. Give us the the two or three. Everybody should be listening to right now. Well well I mean I haven't daily won the Ross Tucker football podcast. So if you want an ex-redskin NFL player in about thirty minutes. Let you know what's going on the NFL. Every every day you can listen to that one and then probably Catholic everything else the fantasy podcast fantasy feast with Joe. Dolan is very popular as is is the even money sports betting podcasts with St Fezzet. The only two time winner of the super contest out there at the West Gate in Vegas so okay and honestly I'm into those two like every year I get further removed from my playing days the more fantasy and betting interest me when I'm watching the Games. I mean every game I watch. I am always entertained by football but there is no question dude. It makes it more interesting when you have something I've been on the game and welcome to the club because I've been a degenerate for about forty years and been involved in all of this stuff forever and it's always been a big a big part of my podcast gambling. Talk as well at one point. Ross this year and Aaron will tell you Erin my producer. Who's WHO's on right now as well I was twenty six above five hundred? I'm now a couple of games below five hundred. which by the way is the definition of gambling? It's not for everybody and more times than not. You're not GonNa win if you understand that in much better shape I- and it's true it's true but the first of all I'm up. Twenty four units for the year. That's amazing Yeah for for the for the season I I got up to his high as thirty and then the last two weeks You know I lost both you know wild card weekend I push. I had two units on the bills. Getting two and a half two units on the titans getting five one unit on the Vikings Getting Eight and one one year on the eagles getting one and a half so I pushed for the weekend But that's the beauty of it right. I mean even if you you push your your lose a little bit. It made every game very very entertaining. I'm just still a very angry at the buffalo bills for blowing that they were thoroughly dominating the Texans for forty minutes. I cannot believe that data that didn't cash and then for the Eagles I guess I mad at today beyond beyond cloudy because I kind of feel like if Carson Wentz doesn't get hurt the eagles win that game so it's funny you're always justify it that way right care like in my mind I. It was for an outright. I don't I don't I don't count the positive thing that happened for me. In the other Games that I actually won and someone who's been in in the wagering inside and also the other side through the course of my life. I never remember the good ones I always remember. The worst of the beets mm-hmm and like as example I was actually on Houston linked two and a half. I won't remember that as much as I'll remember the fact that I had the the eagles at a pick on the game actually got to Erin. I don't know if you saw this Philadelphia got to minus one at some point I the eagles at a pick in Carson wentz gets knocked out of the game. So let's start. Yeah because I think that's where you were right. You're in.

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