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Back at it and remember your feelings but see differently. Afterwards i remember like when i did leno They did a appre interview with me. And i was pretty funny and then when i got on the show wasn't funny at all and i tried to tell a couple of more humorous things on my and it didn't really fell flat. You know because. I service and i was always kind of remorse about that. Like damn it. You know it could make the leno thing. I was much more comfortable. Because i dressed the way i wanted to address. I wore a flannel shirt and my jeans like i. Normally you know. That's what i needed because manager right to tell you what you need in. Wait the television shows especially the life night late night. Things are always hurry up and wait so you you get there at noon. You know or one o'clock in the afternoon you have to wait in their dressing room. You have to go down into your soul. Then you have to the camera blocking then you have to get ready. Meanwhile you've eaten like four bagels and cream cheese and eminem's and doughnuts and everything else and you're like oh i'm ready to go to bed now. So usually those things are you a loss of the day. I didn't really enjoy them very much. But it's there forever. now. I mean after the fact. Yeah did you have a moment with letterman. I'm sorry to go back to letterman. But i'm just obsessed with that. No no johnson instead of low before And he was very nice the way he introduced me and very nice about afterwards but Now that was just one of those things i think. I think everyone at that point thought that i was going to be a big name. Felt that and it was. It was very weird. How it didn't really happen. But i've tried to explain to so many people who are like dude man. You got screwed or you could not scripted a better life for me. The way it worked out. I was not cut out to be a star not personality wise. Not in the amount of work that it takes to a traveler. Like so it literally. If you'd have given me a pen and paper instead right your perfect life out. I couldn't have done it better than worked out the way it worked out so a lot of people think that i wish i would have been bigger and i don't one thing and it's gonna work out better. You're going to be better banjo player. Can't make you miss your lesson. We've taken a lot of your time. Thank you so much for doing this. Thank you so much. This is great. It was really really nice to chat with you. And i can't wait to hear the band. Just maybe a record it sunday on that. If i ever get good enough where. I could play in front of somebody without making a mistake. Expect the recording nice. Oh yeah okay. We're very easy audience for the super bowl. Are you taking this on the road at all in next year. Or you wanna you wanna play in front of people you know honestly on a more meaningful way like with the ear thing. I was talking about before. I'm really protective of them and loud music is one of the worst things i can do for my ears so probably just continue to make more recordings and whoever appreciates them. I'm more than grateful but Playing lifing probably not so much anytime. You wanna come out and talk about any of your upcoming records. We're happy to thank you guys so so much. All right well thank you so much for your time and yeah we look forward to hearing more from you in the future especially as banjo record. Thank you this shit joy. Well another great episode. Holly don't you think. I definitely think so. I think judas the super interesting guy. I think is all the all the turns he's taken. He's very zen. I loved hearing about the tony. Robbins thing and i really get that. I have a lot of respect for him. He's done what he's wanted as an artist and a in in on the business side of music. It's very cool. We didn't even touch on it. But if you want to on youtube you could see him He used to be the music editor for extra the tv show. He's talked with mick jagger and keith richards and bb king alive his favorites. It's kind of fun to to look on youtube and see what what he did when he was doing what you're doing. We recommend checking our coupon and coolerator. These are his two new albums. The first and twenty years so kind of cool there to jude cole. Make music gas. Yeah he's got a great great voice and really really enjoy him. All good things come to an end. So let's wrap this up until next week. This is days holly waiter over now. I want to tell you a real life story and it all started in one thousand nine hundred eighty four a. Place for thousands of bands have performed in a private venue. Were only a hundred and fifty. People have enjoyed up close and personal. The sounds of gary numan followed boy locally failure youngblood robert delong bt. 's mob. Deep taylor bennett filter elvi- l. p. x. catfish in embodiment and the joy. Formidable just mentioned a few over nine thousand eight hundred fifty hours of nonstop music interviews all broadcast. Tv stations across the usa. It's all dedicated to the new music. I not just in the studio from historic venues in chicago like the metro. Hundreds of length concerts. Were before the smashing pumpkins radiohead oasis blind melon polly. Jean harvey jeff buckley. And that's just the beginning only one. Tv show has long-term. Mr and it's called j. btv and i've been the host of j. btv since the beginning and i'm jerry bryant. Join me each and every week. Right here on pantheon. For this brand new the tv podcast subscribe now and follow us on all the social media for the latest news podcast listeners. Get ready. I think you're gonna like binge on this podcast enjoy..

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