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Yes we still have the off that's h o w s vailable for johnny oh and johnny stuff it's going to get warm at some point some at some point in preparation of our spring break trip to the low country right to a little place i like to call augusta very excited to try out the new hyder striped prep form polish irt so take a look at that online are you gonna wear that to augusta where michael you're gonna go to augusta for one day very excited about that why i'm already planning my outfits i it's hard to admit that very nice johnny oh sort of transitional sweater on today where we're going to be like it's seventy degrees in washington for a day or so in the middle of the week and then goes back to this morning it was listen on vance on on pinehurst where i'm going to be next week one day the highs forty eight that's central to southern north carolina high seventies ryan forty eight and we're going out early that means the highest thirty six exactly layer anywhere do you have some do you have some news yes i do speaking of gulf we will start with that tiger woods has announced that he will play the summer the still nate sponsors tournament potomac the benefits his charitable foundation t and t and then it was raw rocket launch i can mortgage yet rock can loan yes now to the cold the national chico's bail bonds are they.

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