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The US manufacturing if things for show, good that why is it that US manufacturing punch to a ten year low? Why? are you kidding the trucking industry economy social right now it's a blood that it's a bloodbath out there commercial real estate there's another one real dangerous commercial nobody wants to talk about commercial real estate the same are same owners the one one or one percent are owners who run to the federal reserve who makes the decision what interference you're going to be these are the same ones who dropped rates down zero so they could get very wealthy themselves pushing interest rates down knows what's it does get that rig down zero and they turn around and they take that money and they go a by treasury and when they buy treasury that pushes rates way down so they get down to zero so they can take that money zero and buy stocks and the stock market all goes up on all this phony zero percent money's cost co q. e. they did the same thing the same group goes out and they buy real estate they buy commercial real estate they did same thing there now they got the same problem real estate since two thousand and ten i think it is is gone up almost one hundred eleven percent why well same thing if all of a sudden our owners turn around and push interest rates down to zero by printing money and buying ten year treasury yields and then when the treasury yields drop the interest rate long-term industry drops that means that in the short term federate day dropped their rates down to zero and then naturally they take that money and they went out and they all kinds of commercial real estate but we've got the same problem there when interest rates start going up the commercial real estate is going to be a plug that why do you think the president is out there begging powell to cut rate well i guess they indicated they're going to be low him should have done sooner but what are you gonna do can't win them all he should have done it sooner but can't win at all wait a minute but he but when he became but powell listen when trump got rid of aunt it was because she was keeping rates too low for too long to create the big fat ugly bubble in our stock market in commercial real estate when you keep printing money call q._e. this quantitative easing is and u._p. printing money and take that money and run over to the bond market and buy all the bonds so the ten year treasury yield goes way down then they can turn around the federal reserve and push their short jer rate for five percent down to zero and that money that free money creates the stock bubble is big fat ugly bubble and trump came out and said this big ugly bubble if you raise rates a little bit it's gonna crash and he kept saying we got to control us we got the zero rates are killing our connie from within because while the very wealthy the top one percent tile and the one hundred one percent now they're getting very rich in going into commercial real estate buying stocks but none of that money is going to the middle class now let's go into mainstream they're not taking any of the money the c._e._o.'s and putting into wages so the standard of living for mainstream not going anywhere you elect me as president i'm going to make america great again we're going to stop that we're going to stop it's just a party for the very wealthy to keep on printing money to keep buying treasuries to push interest rates down so they can use that money to go buy real estate by stock by our org become very very wealthy because interest rates to get is nothing zero that hardly anything i'm gonna fix that he says well what she saying now remember he he he wouldn't put on the back in because she kept rates too low for too long and when you do that destroy the konami from within because nothing when rates are too low people aren't gonna have savings they're not gonna have a savings account because they're not getting any money they go out and speculated something else there's no savings accounts then you can't start a business and small businesses is the backbone of our country small businesses is sixty five percent of our employers employees member we get all our employees most of our employees sixty five seventy percent of our employees are workers for small businesses but we don't have any small businesses anymore because why because there's no savings because who's gonna save getting less than a quarter percent so people are taking that money somewhere else so this whole big giant bubble through quantitative easing stock buybacks this whole bubble here we are now trump's nervous as hell he sees what's going on he peg it when he was candidate now he said oh my god i should have done something a year ago now i've got to run for office i gotta keep pushing the stock market up because what i did by embracing the quantitative easing the zero interest rates to keep on pushing the stock market i'm and i took credit for i'm stuck now i can't go in and stop it now i should have done what i said when i was a candidate but now i can't do that i gotta i gotta keep forced each rates down but here's the problem he can't force the reach down now because we got too much evidence that the economy is bad what was happening we got a lot of the big evidences yields are down and when yields you're going down the dollar's going down that tells you you there's no confidence in the economy that means the big institutional investors from europe reneur they're not investing that's what's really going on so he put himself in a corner do we care not a bit because we're gonna make money whether market goes up or down on plane that when.

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