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You want your late the annual. Nate check this out. Yo Somebody always will say, right If you love your wife right now you. You Love Your Wife Right. Do you love your white same. You love the kids. You can't explain what we're. Going to say the you're love. Riggan. Team routine unless you now's the ones are the same as they fucking. They in in. Your Body Chat with the word love in. We all know lobby filled with white nor is severed several understanding several energy debbie. Ball. We'll split it s there by. Don Latching. Case. Has It. You Let. Your Wife USA there. I'll sit every day. Giddy. Dear might have seen. The kids. Around the. Base of your plus stuck in a relationship world of the buck ram of everybody else. that. Short now. because. Men. Who Think Night? 'cause I watch I watched a hundred movies, read books and it said levels will be like. Adam I but but your kids. An unspoken sailed saying they? No. No. We don't have to try to figure it out. Then you feel the same season. Through A. Stuck position, which is significant other where you gotTa try age. They might look for explanations. Kids. She's Easy. But but kid knows like you know at a certain point, you know. You can't will make you feel away. A significant other could never make you feel. Anxious and other can make you Leo away. You kids are never Because Would your would your kids can do on your worst day? You went to work and it was terrible day, lauch? Aja. You got a flat tire on the way on. You had to walk home. You gotTa Jaywalking. But when you walk in the Crib, you kid see you. Excited to see you and they pay us that energy of excitement and love to you and it made you feel in that moment like man inside that bay. Facts. Hassle. Though. She gets Grease John. O. A great shooter is. The energy. Energy. Magnate yet the other day. I had one of the worst these. I wonder single that that had. More. B. I don't drink. Happy. Seventy A Walk in the radio. Mason was in the kitchen.

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