JFK, Bobby, President Trump discussed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith


Talked about that like ted kennedy was the most interesting kennedy family member for us and the reason why was because he was so mysterious to us in some ways no actor had ever played him before there's never been a movie about him there've been many jfk's many bobby's and for us i think the moment that we fell in love with him as a character was realizing that it was not expected for jfk to be president that everybody expected the joe junior the older brother was going to be the president and it was only after joe junior died in world war two that suddenly this spotlight goes to the sickly and frail but intelligent jfk and to know that ted is at the end of that line and that it's only after three tragedies happen to his brothers that suddenly now all the expectations for him change and that was so rich and interesting to us just as a character in human store ori and then in two thousand eight to see like maybe we could filter those ideas through seven days of his life that were incredibly challenging and had a real tragedy at the center of it we're gonna because there's some people that don't know the history so we will get into a spoiler section even though it's history read out there but like that's good place to start as any in which i think one of the things definitely works in the movie is that you compacted it into the seven day time we're so much was happening into ted kennedy's life but before we focus on just that was there ever any consideration to do more of a biopic and his show the future of ted kennedy beyond chappaquiddick because as you said you know him as very revered politician who did many many good works in the world and if you want to pick his worst seven days you you you definitely did what i think we did was picked the defining seven days of his most dramatic.

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