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Just saw this from Adrian wochit. Giral ski ESPN is reporting Cavs have signed Kevin love to a four year. One hundred twenty million dollar contract extension. Oh, sorry. Topping out is overall deal at five years one. Forty five. Career salary for Kevin love paulie. I'm ready for this man. Those are some big numbers. They're nice little extension time to play career salary, Kevin love. Here's your host paulie. Thank you. Dan, Kevin love ten years in the bigs, his first, your salary was three point, one million dollars if you count what he's made to park guests, what he's made so far of last season and then what he will make throughout this contract. Crease salary for Kevin love. I have known you. One hundred eighty one million. That might be pretty close for his total in this contract has done? Yeah. How much does he made so far Kevin love anyone. No. So it'd be like eighty or something like under one hundred one hundred twenty one million dollars so far. He's got about one hundred forty coming in. Well done. Yes. Fritzy Boston, Philly. In Toronto, waving the white flag. At this point, they're just going to concede the Eastern Conference. Does that mean. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's a nice day for Kevin love to get a con- attention and then you're taking a shot and they're all in on Kevin here come the Cavs back to the back to the NBA finals. You do have this streak in you. You do that. You do know that right. Had to make the move. That's the move to make to keep Boston Philly in Toronto at bay guarantee. Another shot at. I know what you're doing. I need. I know what you're doing k. taking shots, they put up a picture of me in high school there. I don't know how old I am, but I have two ladies all my arm, which that's not unusual, and then you're making fun of me. Now I just asked if the girls look law, some kind of bet with Atta hold your hand for certain amount of time. It's always with the outfit you have on today, what's wrong with the Alfred, I'm wearing a Bronco shirt and shorts all the time. Yeah, let's show everybody would she got is enough fitting right? Or is it just it's too casual? Yeah, you have to start. No, yeah. It looks great. Todd, I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with with. No, no, it's fine. Todd talks today. I didn't get the. I know forty marriage would have got more dressed up. Oh, Apollo. But every time I, you know, have some fun with you. Give you grief. Then the audience he says, stop picking on they do. But then when you pick on me then apparently it's okay. You're still way ahead of the game on the. We're keeping track doing fine. He done anything else. Got a kick out of your old high school footage. Looks like you're going to do some kind of ring around the Rosie or something. I don't know what was going on there. Okay. The one picture we have of you from high school, you're walking with a dude in you both have shirts off Gorman. Right? Yeah. But I mean, he looks, oh, he does look Jack like an absolute stallion, but there's. But there's there's a couple of women over here to the right and fritzy is going with Cameron into the woods Corbin core. Into the woods. That's probably they never approached me like, oh, they must be an item and like they'd never even showed any interest. It's two dudes walk in with their shirts off. Actually corbin's wearing a yellow tank top. Oh, croquettes. Hanging loose like a flash. Tank top on for a little while he was posing like he was interested. I don't know this face like you just interrupted and we're supposed to be my personal photo. Shoot. All of a sudden Corbin comes in to look at the picture. Dan Corbin is putting a shadow on one of Todd's PECS and I can understand what tons upset. Yeah. Like if that's a photo op like that was his stage photo op like celebrities have now, like I can understand why you're disappointed that was very awkward, Zac Ephron or something like he's shredded? No, he's he's Mark Ruffalo, but on steroids, it was hair involved back in the days and nights headed..

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