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Two eight hundred two to three. Oh nine nine two. That's eight hundred. Two two three zero nine two. Take off the camera and commercial break. We'll catch him there. So i might have a lot on. Camera to rent cog live worldwide aka. wbz boxing of course. We'll be talking about the harlem heckler Macho i'm going to go on to get a little bit about my relationship with him. An hour number two. Of course we still got special in our number two hour number two of ring talk with wide forthcoming after the news. Top of the hour but journalists going on tv next week course. Journalists kicked filthy guy looks good. Guy looks perfect guy. Looks splendid at twenty six hundred twenty four kills but everybody looks good when their undefeated taking on very tough guy is sergio olympic. Sixteen and one of tokyo's. Of course. I expect him to beat a lymph is will see where he goes. As far as the worldwide stage is examined but the bottom line is. He's a kid. You might keep your eye on talking about jerry. Else of course from philadelphia straight up. Hector camacho said november twenty four thousand twelve. Why is this of -nificant. I was selling my birthday and he told me that hector was dead. That was like blew me. I was like you gotta be kidding me. I didn't believe him. I thought your job because you know people know that. I know boxing nina and some people. No i know that. I knew camacho bitten. And they say he's dead. he's not dead. He was dead. He was shot in the face. Of course that shot of him. In the cascade i somebody sent me a picture of that. One of the most horrified. I don't like seeing pictures of people in caskets and one with alexis arguello bill. O.'neil send me a couple months ago. Wellness made me puke. But the bottom line. Is this picture of camacho. Who is truly riveting because of the fact that you know he was shot in the face and it was just. It was terrible. He was sitting on a car. They were doing cocaine sitting in a car and this guy came up and he had a grudge going against the guy that was sitting in the driver's seat. The drug dealer. The guy hecker was hanging out with you. Get some free cocaine. there's all about free that's all it was. It was just free cocaine. Of course camacho. Having started cocaine golden gloves. He was an attic that was his his downfall columbia desk. No doubt about that. So he's sitting there in the car and norton blow by blow out in front of them on the On the console between the seats and some guy comes along and shoots them. Both camacho dies a day later. Bottom is a sad ending to hector. Camacho move every twenty four my birthday two thousand twelve. You are listening to ring. Talk live worldwide. You are watching. Wbz boxing tv live on twitch dot tv sport filon usa channel for. We've got another hour of ring. Talk live worldwide and wbz. Bocci tv forthcoming. You're on sports. Byline iheart radio sirius. Xm satellite radio channel to seventeen and a thorough internet platform. Straight up stay tuned for our number to ring talk live worldwide. Sports byline featuring the greatest. Muhammad ali. live my ring. Talk live worldwide coming after the news. You're listening to heartland newsfeed. Radio network live twenty four seven at heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's the pope accuser still newscast april sixteen twenty twenty clifford. The biden administration says it will sue released. Its american family plan and to providing relief for working families that iran lagaan tells us. The plan is expected to include a national paid family and medical leave policy and expanded tax credits for families on apart out with north carolina. Justice center describes it as a national emergency as black latino and indigenous women struggle to find child care during the pandemic while losing jobs in the hardest hit industries especially in states like north carolina. That don't require private. Employers to offer leave paid or unpaid on the national stage and in certain local and statewide races. We've seen this issue. Come up again and again. I think it's really gathering steam squarely on the agenda of our current president. And we're going to do our best to make sure that that is echoed. Here at state level she adds eighty percent of black women with children in north carolina are primary breadwinners and caregivers and they make up about half of the state's workforce she says it's possible the biden administration's second spending package could include a universal twelve weeks paid family and medical leave policy more than two hundred. Us companies recently signed a letter asking congress for a comprehensive nationwide paid family and medical leave policy in the last year folks in utah but competently and caregiving responsibilities and economic security. Fast ready is with the national partnership for women and families. Those folks have been put in the impossible situation figuring out. What am i gonna do. Because i don't have access to this really come ten policy..

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