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The judicial process to decide it, it's not one in which I can offer of you. So another nice try. 23. That's time for traffic brought to you by the Emerald Queen Casino. Here's Chris Sullivan. We continue to see things getting better across the board, especially up in the Arlington area, where at one point not too long ago, we had a 15 minute delay on south Bound five between Arlington and Everett. Now it's down to just five minutes 20 minutes Realty. I'm there on that drive. We had a couple of problems right around 5 to 9, which are gone Well, one of them's still over on the shoulder written out really causing much of a bother. And then when you get through that it's going to be a nice drive all the way down to Seattle or Bellevue. If that's where you're headed, 30 minutes or less from our effort to Seattle or Belle be with this 300.1 place where we're still seeing a little heavier pack again that I'd like is the North Bound I five drive from the West Seattle Bridge into downtown Seattle Still about 22 minutes there on that drive from federal way, though, it's about 35 minutes in the Tacoma Corps were looking pretty decent. The slowing of starts right around the downtown exits and on ramps there, as you would expect. You get through it before you get to the Yellow River Bridge, So it's not too bad. Their Valley freeway is cleared out really nicely from Puyallup through Auburn. You're really not going to hit the brakes until you get up to about 1/80 there in Renton as you try to tie into 405 about a 17 minute drive Now, from Auburn up into Renton and then rented the Bellevue has some slowing through the s curves. But nothing That should surprise you. You get off the brakes by about 44th in Newcastle. About 24 minutes Now, from Renton into Bellevue. The lake Bridges continue to look good. Nothing out of Redman. Nothing out of this squad. This report brought to you by the Emerald Queen Casino, which is now open. Enjoy a safe, clean, comfortable escape where we all win. Keep the curve flat together. The Emerald Queen Casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest, some serious rain going on now. Ah Munroe mult be basically east of five and 405 that should move on in about a half hour. But for now They're getting drenched Currently 54 degrees and coming up, historian Felix.

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